What Eye Shape Do I Have? How To Find Your Eye Shape

Do you often wonder “What Eye Shape Do I Have?”? Discover whether you have round, almond, downturned or hooded eyes with my expert eye shape guide.

Darlings, every eye shape is beautiful! Your eyes are the most expressive part of your face and knowing their shape helps to unlock the best makeup techniques for accentuating them in the most flattering way! Discover how to identify which eye shape you have and learn my tips and tricks for ENCHANTING with your EYES!

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What Eye Shape Do I Have?

Everyone’s eye shapes are different, darlings! Eye shape can be characterised into 4 common groups – almond, downturned, round and hooded eyes – and each variety is gorgeous in its own unique way.

Understanding which eye shape you have is useful for knowing how to apply eye makeup. Different eyeliner placements and eyeshadow styles are flattering on different eye shapes, so knowing your eye shape helps you to create easy, effortless eye looks that ENHANCE and ILLUMINATE the LOOK of your natural features.

Discover how to identify each eye shape below, then study in the mirror to uncover which eye shape you have!

Discover the Different Eye Shapes

  1. Graphic of almond shaped eyes that are slightly wider than they are in length

    Almond Eyes

    Of all the eye shapes, almond eyes are the most naturally similar to the lifted and defined look that a winged eyeliner aims to create. Almond eyes are oval shaped, mimicking the shape of an almond nut, which means they are wider than they are tall, helping them to appear naturally elongated. The outer corners of almond eyes lift upwards and outwards with a feline effect, and the crease looks well-defined.

    Discover how to apply eyeliner for almond eyes:

  2. Graphic showing downturned eyes which point downwards at the outer edges

    Downturned Eyes

    If your upper lash line curves downwards at the outer corner, this is known as having downturned eyes. As downturned eyes descend towards the lower lash line, the upper lid appears bigger and has a greater surface area for eyeshadow. To identify downturned eyes, focus on the outer-most part of the eyes – if they appear to point downwards rather than upwards and outwards, then your eyes are downturned.

    Discover how to apply eyeliner for downturned eyes:

  3. Graphic showing hooded eyes which have partially hidden lid space

    Hooded Eyes

    When the eyelid is partially or completely hidden by a fold of skin underneath the brow, this is referred to as the eyes being ‘hooded’. With hooded eyes, skin acts like a hood for the eyelid which makes it less visible than with other eye shapes. Some people are born with hooded eyes, and some people’s eyes become hooded as the skin droops with age. Eyes can be hooded to less or more of a degree than others; to decide if you have hooded eyes, focus on how much of your lid you can see – if you have a fold that partially shrouds your eye, then your eyes are hooded.

    Discover how to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes:

  4. Graphic showing round eyes which are spherical in shape

    Round Eyes

    Eyes that are similar in width and length are called round eyes because of their circular shape. Round eyes are far less angular than other eye shapes, typically having a well-defined crease with a soft curvature that complements their natural roundness. It’s also common for the whites of round eyes to be more prominent, with traces of white being visible above and below the iris when looking straight ahead.

    Discover how to apply eyeliner for round eyes:

How To Find Your Eye Shape

Darlings, I’ve created these face charts to help you visualise which eye shape closely resembles your own! If it doesn’t jump out at you straight away which eye shape is yours, I’d recommend thinking about the below:

Are your Eyes Round or Oval-Shaped?

The more spherical your eyes are, the more likely you have truly round eyes. If your eyes are longer in width and have a more oval-like shape, you’re more likely to have almond or downturned eyes.

Do the Outer Corners Point Upwards or Downwards?

The outer corners are the parts of the eyes that are furthest away from the nose, where the upper and the lower lash line meet. If the outer corners of the eyes lift upwards and outwards, it’s likely that your eyes are almond-shaped, and if they point downwards, it’s likely your eyes are downturned.

How Prominent is the Eyelid?

Looking in the mirror, decide whether you think your eyelid is completely visible, or whether it’s being covered up by the skin around your eye. If folds in the skin leave parts of the lid hidden, this is the sign of hooded eyes.

Tilbury Tip: Nobody has entirely symmetrical eyes, darlings! For example, it’s common for people to have one eye that’s more hooded or more upturned than the other.

Darlings, every eye shape is ENCHANTING! Getting to know the shape of your eyes will teach you the easiest and most effective ways to ENHANCE and EXAGGERATE their appearance. Now you’ve learnt how to find your eye shape, head to the mirror and get lost in your mesmerising eyes, before creating a dreamy eye makeup look using my eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara secrets!

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