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Darlings, my Legendary Brows Eyebrow Gel in Perfect Brow is recommended for those with very dark brown to black hair. With a Micro-Fine Miracle Precision Brush to coat, shade and groom every single hair, ‘growing’ them for flawlessly defined brows in an instant.


  • Eyebrows are key to facial identity, it’s what makes us recognisable
  • Enriched with volumising Magic Elasticizing Wax, nourishing Vitamin E, strengthening Castor Oil and natural pigments that lift and tint
  • Shapes, sculpts and adds structure to your brow
  • Never makes your brows look ‘pencilled in’ or ‘stuck down’
  • The unique Micro-Fine Miracle Precision brush evenly coats, shades and grooms every hair, even ‘baby’ hairs
  • Ideal for eyebrows that are too thin or too light, over-plucked or patchy

Fill: 1.2g