Introducing the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Face Mask

Find out more about the NEW dry sheet face mask by Charlotte Tilbury and how to use it for best results!

Charlotte has just launched her revolutionary new Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. That’s right, DRY. Say goodbye to a messy wet formula, because once you have this in your beauty cupboard, you won’t look back.

The Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask has innovative technology (including tailoring the mask to your skins’ unique needs… say whaaat?!) that means you can get gorgeous glowing, flawless skin in 15 minutes!

The mask is clinically proven to hydrate, lift, smooth AND decrease wrinkles, with 91%* of users agreeing their skin felt smoother, softer and more hydrated. So if you need magic skin in a pinch, then this is the perfect product for you, no matter your skin need!

Unlike other sheet masks, this is completely dry, with the active ingredients imprinted on the mask, ready to be activated once you fix it on your face. Because of this, there’s no bacteria harboured, so you can wear the mask up to 3 times. And here’s a top tip, once you’ve used the mask 3 times, you can pop it in your shoes/socks to help dry, cracked heels!

*Tested on 30 women over a 2 week period


  1. sheet mask

    Step 1: Unfold the mask

    Unfold the dry sheet mask, placing the pink side onto cleansed, clean skin.


    Step 2: Loop the hooks over your ears

    Loop the hooks over your ears so that your face and neck are covered.

  3. mask model

    Step 3: Massage

    Gently massage the mask with your fingers for a minute to activate the ingredients. Leave to work for 15 minutes.

  4. mask removal

    Step 4: Remove mask

    Remove the mask and replace in the resealable pouch, to reveal dewy, glowing skin!

Top tip: For glowing skin all year round, we also sell a 4 pack of the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, so you never have to be without a gorgeous complexion! Show us your dry sheet mask selfie by tagging #InstantMagicFacial on Twitter and Instagram!

Love Team Tilbury xx