Magic Makeup Hacks for Hooded Eyes

Discover makeup hacks for hooded eyes to achieve a wide-eyed look with supermodel brows and cream eyeshadow for the perfect eye makeup for hooded eyes!

Everyone’s facial features are different, and that’s what makes us all so uniquely beautiful! Hooded eyes, which refer to excess skin above the lash line and under the brow bone that folds over the crease, can sometimes create the illusion of smaller-looking eyelids, and if you have hooded eyes, you may have often find it tricky when applying your eye makeup to create that sparkling, wide-eyed, brighter-looking gaze that everyone wants to achieve!

However, with Charlotte’s magical makeup hacks, you can enhance your beautiful eye shape and make them POP! Watch back a magical virtual masterclass from the archives with Team Tilbury Artist Rasheena as she shares her magic makeup hacks for hooded eyes!

Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

  1. A double-ended eyebrow pencil and spoolie brush duo in a dark brown shade with dark brown-coloured packaging.

    Enhance Your Brows

    To lift the look of your eyes, create a SUPERMODEL BROW! It’s as simple as FILL, FEATHER, and FIX! Thicker, fuller, fluffy looking, brows will instantly make eyes appear uplifted, brighter, and more open!

    First, create shape, structure, and define the look of your brows with Brow Lift, or use Brow Cheat to fill in gaps and elongate brow structure by mimicking hairlike strokes. Next, add the appearance texture and tint for fuller-looking brows with Charlotte’s Legendary Brows, an expert tinted brow gel. Coat and define every hair (including tiny baby hairs!) by brushing in upward motions. Lastly, set your brow in place with Brow Fix, a clear brow gel that delivers hold with invisible finish.

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  2. Tilt the head up or down when applying eyeshadow to hooded eyes with Charlotte's Eye Smudger Brush

    Tilt Your Chin Up (or Down) While Applying Eye Makeup

    When you’re applying eyeshadow on your lids, lift your chin up and look down into your mirror so you can see your full eyelid. On the flip side, if you’re working on the bottom of your eyes, tilt your chin down. By doing this, you’re more likely to be able to apply your products with precision on the largest surface area of your eyes and without smudging!

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  3. Charlotte's Luxury Palette in Bella Sofia is named after Charlotte's fabulous nieces

    Apply Eyeshadow Past the Crease

    Don’t be afraid to apply eyeshadow above the crease to make eyes look lifted and wider! People with hooded eyes often have a smaller visible eyelid when looking straight on, meaning some of the eyeshadow you apply can get hidden! The trick is to apply eyeshadow a little past the eyelid, up into and past the crease, and then blend upwards and outwards! Using Charlotte’s Eye Blender Brush, apply your eyeshadow from side to side on the lid like a windscreen wiper, but don’t only stay on the lid, apply your favourite shades up and out!

    This can be done with both cream and powder eyeshadows! Use Charlotte’s Eyes to Mesmerise miracle pots, which are perfectly crease-proof and super easy to use, or choose your favourite Luxury Palette to make your hooded eyes appear brighter and more beautiful than ever!

    Tilbury Tip: Charlotte’s Eyes to Mesmerise now comes in her globally-loved shades: Walk of No Shame, the universally flattering russet-red and Pillow Talk, the pretty pink beauty secret to mesmerising, SHINE BRIGHT eyes in seconds!

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  4. Charlotte's Eye Blender Brush blends effortlessly across the lower lash line

    Don’t Forget the Lower Lash Line

    Bringing your eyeshadow along your lower lash line beautifully complete your look! When you’re applying to the bottom lash line, it’s important to not be heavy handed, especially if you have hooded eyes. Using the same shade you’ve applied on your upper eyelid, use the Eye Smudger Brush to lightly bring the colour along your lower lash line and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!

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  5. Open Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pot in shimmering pink Pillow Talk

    Add Sparkle to the Inner Corners

    This trick instantly opens up the look of your eyes for a brighter, wider looking, sparkling gaze!! When using your favourite Luxury Palette, use the PRIME shade in the inner corners to create the illusion of bigger, brighter-looking eyes, or use the dream-sheen, sparkling Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadows for a luminous looking, wide-eyed look!

  6. The Classic eyeliner in shade Classic Brown to create a winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

    Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes: Keep Eyes Open!

    A feline flick is one of Charlotte’s favourite beauty secrets for bigger, brighter, lifted looking eyes! For hooded eyes, Rasheena recommends keeping your eyes open as you apply your eyeliner, so you can see where the product will be when you’re looking straight ahead.

    Start by drawing a dot about two millimeters above your upper lash line on each side of your eye so your flick will curve up at a 45-degree angle. Next, line your eyes until you connect the line straight up to the dot and over the crease. Then, with your chin up, retrace and fill in the line to make sure there are no gaps!

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