Trio of cream eyeshadows in shimmery shades of gold and pink in open pots with dark brown lids, eyebrow tints, eyebrow gels and brushes, mascara, and makeup remover in a large, clear bottle with a white-coloured cap.

Eyebrow Makeup

Shop Charlotte's NEW! collection of eyebrow makeup and unlock the secret to SUPERMODEL BROWS! It's as easy as FILL, FEATHER, FIX! Charlotte's INNOVATIVE, EASY-TO-USE brow tools help LIFT your brows and LIFT the look of your face! Choose from Brow Lift, a refillable eyebrow pencil for full, fluffy brows in a range of NEW! shades to suit every hair colour, NEW! Brow Cheat, a micro precision brow pencil to mimic the look of natural brow hairs and fill in any tiny gaps, Legendary Brows, a 10-hour wear tinted brow gel with micro-fine bristles to create fuller, feathered looking eyebrows in seconds and NEW! Brow Fix, an innovative, conditioning 24-hour clear brow fixing gel for long-lasting hold! Unlock Charlotte's beauty secrets on how to apply your NEW! SUPERMODEL BROW at home and shop the PERFECT brow tool for YOU!

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