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Discover how to choose fragrance using my easy online fragrance match tool, Charlotte’s Fragrance Finder.

Darlings, have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect fragrance for you? There are so many magical types of fragrance to choose from such as fresh, floral, sweet, spicy, musky, and woody scents, and every fragrance smells slightly different from person to person. I created my Fragrance Finder tool to make fragrance easy to choose, even when shopping online! Discover my tips and tricks on how to choose fragrance and you’ll choose the perfect scent, every time!

Charlotte Tilbury How To Choose Fragrance

Discover How To Choose Fragrance

How To Choose Fragrance

  1. Two models on set for Charlotte's Love Frequency fragrance

    1. Are you shopping for yourself, or for a gift?

    First thing’s first, darlings, when you’re choosing a perfume, you need to know who you’re shopping for. If you’re choosing a fragrance for yourself, then shopping for perfume becomes that much easier – you know what you like, and you know what you will wear! Fragrance is also a beautiful gift to give, but it’s also extremely personal. The best way to choose a perfume for someone you love is to choose a scent that reminds you of them! When following the steps below, tap into the frequency of the person you’re buying for to choose a perfect fragrance match!

  2. Meg on set for Charlotte's Joyphoria fragrance

    2. Choose how you want to feel today

    I’ve always believed in the power of fragrance to influence your mood, darlings. When I was dreaming up my first ever Fragrance Collection of Emotions, I wanted to create scents that make you FEEL! Different fragrances can inspire different feelings; for example, a sparkling floral scent like Joyphoria has a sweet aura while a mossy, woody fragrance like Magic Energy emits a very different feeling, so the key to choosing the perfect fragrance starts with deciding how you want to feel today. Perhaps you want to feel more serene with a spritz of Calm Bliss, or more seductive with a scent veil of More Sex. Our emotions are ever-changing, darlings, so ask yourself, how do you want to feel today?

    Discover my Fragrance Collection of Emotions

  3. The floral fragrance family ingredients in Charlotte's Joyphoria perfume

    3. Discover which fragrance family you are most drawn to

    Fragrance families are broader collections of fragrance notes that have a commonality in their scent. Some common types of fragrance family include woody, fresh, floral, and amber fragrances, and these categories can be further segmented into subcategories like fresh-citrus and fresh-aquatic. A perfume’s fragrance family is determined by the notes that are most prominent within its scent; for example, the rush of rose in Love Frequency creates a distinctive floral character. Once you have discovered which fragrance families you gravitate towards, it becomes easy to identify which scents you will immediately love.

    Learn more about fragrance families

  4. The intense fragrance notes in Charlotte's More Sex perfume

    4. Decide on the perfect fragrance intensity

    Different fragrances have different intensities, darlings, so make sure you choose a scent that is just right. One way to determine a scent’s intensity is by knowing its fragrance family; fresh and floral fragrances are generally lighter and more understated, whereas woody and amber fragrances tend to be deeper and muskier. If you prefer a subtle scent with great longevity, try Joyphoria or Calm Bliss, and if you’re looking for a more intense, intoxicating scent, try More Sex or Cosmic Power.

    Tilbury Tip: If you don’t want to wear an eau de parfum during the daytime, try wearing a body mist or eau de toilette.

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  5. Purple outer space cosmic theme from the Cosmic Power fragrance world

    5. Use your imagination

    Darlings, fragrances should feel like a portkey that can transport you to another world! When I created my Fragrance Collection of Emotions, I imagined an entire beauty realm for each of my emotion-enhancing fragrances. Calm Bliss transports me to a peaceful lake filled with lotus flowers, and Cosmic Power sends me straight to the stars in a cloud of pure stardust! Decide where you want your fragrance to take you, darlings, then choose a scent that bottles your own personal happy place.

  6. Veridiana on set for Charlotte's Cosmic Power fragrance

    6. Consider the occasion and time of day

    There’s a perfect fragrance for every mood and moment, darlings! I love to wear different fragrances depending on my to-do list; on an early morning call time I’ll choose Magic Energy to give me that fresh, citrusy spring in my step, whereas on date night I’ll spray on Love Frequency or More Sex to fill the air with feelings of love and seduction. Fragrance is the perfect way to design your dream day – choose a scent that suits the occasion and makes you feel poised for the moment.

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  7. Claudia on set for Charlotte's Love Frequency fragrance

    7. Change your scent with the seasons

    The skincare and makeup you reach for often changes with the seasons, and so can the fragrance you choose. While you can wear your favourite fragrance all year round, it can be fun to choose a perfume that has a distinctive spring, summer, autumn, or winter feel. In the spring and summer, I like to reach for fresh and floral fragrances like Joyphoria because they have a bright, sunshine quality. In the autumn and winter, I like to reach for spicy, leather fragrances like More Sex that feel warming and festive.

    Tilbury Tip: There’s a scent for every season in my Fragrance Collection of Emotions, darlings!

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  8. Fragrance Discovery Set featuring 6 1.5ml samples of Charlotte's fragrances

    8. Try a sample or discovery set

    If you’d like to try a sample size of several perfumes before choosing your favourite, I recommend purchasing a discovery set. The 6 mood-enhancing scents from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions are available as 1.5ml vials in my Discovery Set, allowing you to spray on LOVE, HAPPINESS, SERENITY, SEDUCTION, ENERGY, and EMPOWERMENT and helping you to choose your favourites before buying a full size.

    Tilbury Tip: When you buy a full-sized fragrance on or the Charlotte Tilbury App, you’ll receive a 1.5ml sample size that lets you trial the scent before opening the 100ml bottle. If you decide the fragrance you have chosen isn’t your favourite, you can return it and receive a full refund.*

    Shop my Fragrance Discovery Set

Discover Charlotte’s Fragrance Finder Match Tool

Darlings, I have created my virtual fragrance finder tool to make choosing fragrance easier than ever! Answer a few quick questions and my Pro Beauty Tech will match you with the perfect perfume from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions! Whether you’re choosing a fragrance for yourself or for someone special, use my Fragrance Finder to pinpoint the perfect scent match!

Try my Fragrance Profiler

Darlings, now that you know how to choose fragrance, you can pick the perfect perfume with confidence! Discover more about my Fragrance Collection of Emotions, get familiar with my six magical scents, then use my Fragrance Finder to help you choose the best fragrance for you!

*We are able to accept the return of unused or gently used items free of charge for a full refund within 30 days of their purchase. For our full return policy, please visit our Customer Care Help Centre here. If you purchased a product at one of our authorized retailers or counters, please contact them directly.

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