The Best Date Night Perfumes for Spraying on Love, Happiness, and Seduction

Leave your admirer lovestruck with my ready-for-romance date night perfumes. 

Darlings, whether you’re experiencing that butterfly feeling of a first date or are celebrating a special anniversary with your love, spraying on a romantic date night perfume will make sure that love is well and truly in the air!

Scent is a love language, darlings, and your perfume can act like a magic love magnet! Discover the dreamiest date night fragrances to wear from flirtatious florals and heart-warming woods to sweet vanilla and sensual sandalwood, then spray on your favourite to radiate date night love and magic! It’s the law of attraction, darlings!

Date Night Perfumes

Discover Romantic Date Night Perfumes

Joyphoria fragrance packshot for blog

Joyphoria 100ml


Fragrance Family: Warm Floral

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: radiant Ylang Ylang and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract

Top Notes: joyful Petitgrain Oil, euphoric Coconut Water Accord, uplifting Neroli Oil

Heart Notes: intoxicating Tuberose Absolut, warm Jasmine Sambac, radiant Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract, velvety Cashmere Wood, powdery Musks

91% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of happiness*

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Getting ready for date night can have a giddying effect that can only be described as 'Joyphoria’! Date nights come with such a joyful mix of emotions like excitement, nerves, anticipation and happiness! After you’ve created a magical date night makeup look and chosen your perfect outfit for the evening, it’s time to spray on my Joyphoria eau de parfum as a haze of happiness that your admirer can get lost in. Frolic through sparkling top notes of Coconut Water Accord and Neroli Oil and your date will follow you into fields of Tuberose Absolut, Jasmine Sambac, and Ylang Ylang, meeting you in velvety, Cashmere Woods for a warm embrace.

The Emotion-Boosting Molecules in Joyphoria are radiant Ylang Ylang and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract. These effervescent aromas are proven to enhance feelings of happiness! Spray on Joyphoria to radiate whole-hearted happiness and become a sweet-smelling date night delight!

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Love Frequency fragrance packshot for blog

Love Frequency 100ml


Fragrance Family: Floral Woody

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: hypnotic Rose Essential and alluring Cashmeran

Top Notes: addictive Pink Pepper

Heart Notes: sultry Saffron, romantic Rose Ultimate Extract, hypnotic Rose Essential

Base Notes: sensual Musk, alluring Cashmeran, captivating Ambery Woods, intoxicating Patchouli Heart  

84% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of love!**

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Love is the most euphoric feeling of all, darlings! Being in love is like being wrapped in a blissful bubble, and that’s the feeling I wanted to capture with Love Frequency. This floral-woody fragrance works like a love potion, uniting romantic Rose, sensual Musks and captivating Woods to create a unique frequency that’s fluent in flirtation. It’s a perfect date night perfume that feels like a love song, bottled! Spray on Love Frequency and your date can’t help but lean in a little closer…

Hypnotic Rose Essential and alluring Cashmeran are the Emotion-Boosting Molecules in Love Frequency. They intertwine to create an olfactory heartbeat that’s proven to help boost feelings of true love and infatuation!  

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More Sex fragrance packshot for blog

More Sex 100ml


Fragrance Family: Musk Leather

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: sensual Sandalwood Oil Caledonia, seductive Sexual Accord, addictive Leather Accord and velvety Musk

Top Notes: bold Black Pepper Oil, magnetic Juniper Berry Oil

Heart Notes: seductive Sexual Accord (Ambroxan, Sexual Musk, Aldron), addictive Leather Accord

Base Notes: velvety Musk, caressing Ambery Wood, sensual Sandalwood Oil Caledonia

84% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of seduction**

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We all want love and happiness, darlings, but every date night needs a sense of seduction! More Sex is my date night perfume that captures the raw, magnetic feeling of finding someone who sparks feelings of seduction. This musk and leather fragrance sets the mood for date night with top notes of crackling Black Pepper and juicy Juniper Berry, then falls deeper into Ambroxan, Leather, and Musk to ignite the senses with playfulness and passion. Spray on More Sex to feel like the sexiest, most irresistible version of yourself!  

Discover the Emotion-Boosting Molecules in More Sex: sensual Sandalwood Oil Caledonia, seductive Sexual Accord, addictive Leather Accord and velvety Musk. These provocative notes are proven to enhance feelings of seduction, making them perfect date night delights!

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Each of the emotion-enhancing fragrances in my Fragrance Collection of Emotions has an 18-hour scent trail, so you can smell sensational from the hug hello until they’re watching you go!

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