How To Use Charlotte Tilbury’s The Icon Palette

Discover how to use the Icon Palette, the sensational new eyeshadow palette by Charlotte Tilbury to mesmerise everyone, with 4 easy to use looks.

The Icon Palette is here, and the sensational kaleidoscope of colours create these 4 incredible eye makeup looks to MESMERISE.

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Cast your spell on the world… Which rebel will you be?


4x3 icons day eyes crop Entrance in bright, beautiful shades that will light up your eyes…

Wear with Latex Love in Video Vixen


How to rock the look:

You can blend and build all three shades together on the eyelid; your eyes are kissed with colour and the look of your eye size, shape and sparkle is enhanced.

  1. A closed eyeshadow palette with golden-coloured packaging and a lightning bolt in dark pink and blue colour on the lid along with an illustration of eyes in dark pink and black colour.

    Step 1: Apply a Wash of Colour

    Apply a soft wash of the first two shades in the Icon Eyeshadow Palette and take the cranberry-red hue and run it along the lash lines to take it to the next level.

  2. An open, mirrored-lid eyeshadow palette with nude brown, green, blue, black, gold, and pink shades.

    Step 2: Illuminate the Eye

    The flattering Champagne shade illuminates the eye when applied in a half-moon circle at the inner corners. You can also use this as a highlighter to accentuate the high points of your face, under the brow arch and on the centre of the lip for added glow.

  3. The Legendary Eyes Icon Palette Swatch

    Step 3: Add a Youthful Glow

    The rose-gold shade is the perfect blush for days when you want your cheeks to glow with youth!

  4. Close-up of a light-tone model's blue eye with shimmery rose gold and red eye makeup.

    Step 4: Add a bold Flash of Colour

    The soft cranberry-red is a flash of bold colour in a wearable texture. It looks incredible when drawn out at the corner of the eye & into a flick using the Eye Smudger Brush.


4x3 icons date eyes crop Lead astray with these romantic russet tones…

Wear with Latex Love in Berry Nude


How to rock the look:

With 3 shades that complement all skin tones, this is the eye look you will love wearing. Perfect for an occasion when you want to be remembered…

  1. Eye-Blender-Back-Packshot-Reflection

    Step 1: Prime, Enhance & Smoke

    Prime with the gorgeous golden hue, Enhance with the brilliant, colour-rich bronze and Smoke with the cool copper shade. They blend into one another seamlessly – the textures can be layered so easily as they glide across the eyelid!

  2. icon palette arm swatches fair

    Step 2: Dial It Up

    Dial it up by mixing your metals! First you prime the eye, then you smoke and then you POP! These shades are so easy to build, and the velvety soft formula will stay in place all day.

  3. Close-up of a light-tone model's blue eye with shimmery gold, rust, and brown eye makeup.

    Step 3: Blend, Blend Blend!

    Start with the bronze shade, follow with gold – and remember to blend, blend, blend! Then, using your ring finger, press the copper shade into the centre of the lid for a pop of mesmerising colour.

    If you love The Bella Sofia luxury eye palette, this will be your new favourite!


4x3 icons diva eyes crop Shine on in molten metallics…

Wear with Latex Love in Studio 64


How to rock the look:

In matte and shimmering finishes, the Diva look is everything you want and need to dance the night away! The pressed powder delivers a high-pigment colour in a single stroke. This is a favourite look for red-carpet events, loved by supermodels and stars.

There are two very different ways to wear this look. Will you be a diva by day or a diva by night?

  1. An open, mirrored-lid eyeshadow palette with nude brown, green, blue, black, gold, and pink shades along with golden-coloured packaging with a lightning bolt in dark pink and blue colour along with an illustration of eyes in dark pink and black colour.

    Step 1: Day Look

    Apply the first 2 shades and blend together for a dreamy doe-eyed eye look. The shimmering molten, metallic colours create a molten, mesmeric finish. This is so easy to use, it’s your 2-step shortcut to diva status!


    Step 1: Night Look

    Create a bold night look with the ‘halo effect’. First, take the Prime shade and apply it all over the lid.

  3. The Legendary Eyes Icon Palette Swatch

    Step 2: Enhance the Crease

    Next, apply the Enhance shade and focus on the crease, really working the eyeshadow into the socket and creating a soft, smooth finish.

  4. Close-up of a light-tone model's blue eye with shimmery gold, bronze, and champagne eye makeup.

    Step 3: Smoke & Bronze

    Apply the Smoke shade to both the outer corner and inner corner of the lid – allowing the golden bronze Enhance shade to take the focus in the centre of the eyelid – and build up intensity to add definition.

    All shades can all be worn on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. They can add an accent of colour to your complexion – try enhancing your contour with the Enhance shade and watch as the gold catches the light. It’s like a filter for your skin!


4x3 icons disco eyes crop Dance under the stars in the boldest shades of seduction…

Wear with Latex Love in Belle du Soir


How to rock the look:

Blue and green demand to be seen! These gorgeous jewel shades look good on every skin tone and bring out every eye colour.

  1. Eye-Blender-Back-Packshot-Reflection

    Step 1: Create a wash of emerald

    Start by covering the entire eyelid with a wash of emerald, then take your Blender brush and ‘smoke’ the sapphire blue into the socket to really blend it in. The colours diffuse, blending into one another to create a unique shimmering, smoky shade that softens in the light.

  2. An eyeshadow & eyeliner brush in golden and dark crimson colour.

    Step 2: Smudge & Smoke

    Using the Smudger brush, you can dip into the Smoke shade and run it along the upper lash line to add intensity. Once you’ve done one side, you can compare…it’s a modern smoky eye for an unforgettable party look!

  3. Close-up of a light-tone model's blue eye with shimmery, teal, royal blue, and ice blue eye makeup.

    Step 3: Add a pop of colour

    The classic black can be worn as both a liner and a wash of colour over the entire lid. You can use your finger to pat on a pop of colour for a lived-in rock ‘n’ roll effect.

    “It’s the secret to my quick and easy smoky eye! The textures are so beautiful that you can wear the strongest shades so easily! Wear alone or together!” - Charlotte Tilbury

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