How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly

Discover how to apply foundation and how to get flawless foundation with Charlotte's wardrobe of complexion-perfectors!

The tools, brushes and techniques used when applying your makeup play a big part in the final, flawless look!

Charlotte’s MAGIC range of makeup and skincare products are easy-to-choose and easy-to-use, including Charlotte’s wardrobe of foundations. With a formula, coverage, finish, and shade for everyone, unlock the secret to a flawless-looking finish for every look with Charlotte’s expert tutorial on how to apply foundation!


  1. Flatlay of Charlotte's Magic Cream and Charlotte's Magic Cream Light

    Magic Step 1: Moisturise with Magic

    Before applying your foundation, you should always moisturise your skin! After using your Charlotte's Magic Serum Elixir, apply one of Charlotte’s MAGIC moisturisers; the iconic, award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream, or the lighter-textured version, Charlotte’s Magic Cream Light. These moisturisers are enriched with magic matrixes of ingredients that flood your skin with moisture to perfectly prep your skin and create a canvas that looks plumper, smoother, brighter, and hydrated!

    Having this layer of hydration under your foundation can help it apply easier, last longer and look as flawless as possible!

    Tilbury Tip: Follow with SPF; Charlotte’s Invisible UV Flawless Primer provides SPF 50 plus pore smoothing and blurring effects for a perfected, protected canvas for your foundation!

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  2. All four shades of Magic Vanish colour-correcting concealer to even the look of skin tone

    Magic Step 2: Colour Correct

    If you’re using colour corrector, you should apply this before your foundation. Some colour correctors are peach or red in colour to help colour correct and conceal redness, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone, and so applying before your foundation means the formula can directly correct the look of your skin and then be covered by your foundation!

    Charlotte recommends her Magic Vanish colour correctors – discover why you need them and how to apply like a pro with this guide!

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  3. Charlotte's Light Wonder, Airbrush Flawless Finish and Beautiful Skin Foundation trio


    Next, it’s time for foundation, but before applying, choose your foundation, tool, and technique.

    • If you’re opting for a light or medium coverage foundation like Light Wonder (light coverage for a radiant-looking finish) or Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation (medium coverage for a healthy-looking glow), you can either use your hands or a makeup brush to apply.

    • A full-coverage foundation like Airbrush Flawless Foundation normally applies best with a brush as this technique allows foundation to be applied evenly and without mess! However, if you’re using only a small amount of this natural-matte formula, you can use your fingertips for a precise application then use a brush to blend!

    Use your hands for quick and easy coverage! Applying foundation with your hands is great for those who prefer to wear less product or want a fuss-free application that builds up coverage in specific areas.

    A brush is also a fabulous way to apply foundation; it’s mess-free and allows you to create an even-looking complexion, blending effortlessly down your neck and into your hairline for a seamless-looking, natural-matte finish!

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  4. Model applying one of Charlotte's complexion-perfecting foundations using a brush


    When deciding how to apply liquid foundation, I recommend using your hands or a foundation brush to get the smoothest, most skin-like finish.

    How To Apply Liquid Foundation with a Brush

    To apply liquid foundation with a brush, apply one pump of foundation to the back of your hand, then tap in with a dense foundation brush like my Magic Complexion Brush. Once you've picked up a small amount of product, swipe your foundation brush onto the face, starting by placing foundation in the centre of your face and blending outwards. When blending your liquid foundation, use soft, circular motions to blend away any harsh lines. To add more coverage, repeat the process, adding more foundation to your hand then applying it to the face in small amounts with your brush - this technique allows you to build coverage and blend foundation like a dream.

    How To Apply Liquid Foundation with your Hands

    Applying liquid foundation with your hands allows you to work product into the skin, using your skin's natural warmth to help foundation blend effortlessly. First thing's first, make sure your hands are sanitised! Then, apply a pump of foundation to the back of your hand, using your index finger to pick up foundation and swipe it onto the forehead, cheeks and nose. To blend liquid foundation with your fingers, cup your hands and smooth your foundation into the skin using gentle, circular motions until your face is evenly covered and there are no harsh lines.

    Tilbury Tip: Applying foundation with your hands can get messy darlings, so be careful not to get product on your clothes or belongings and remember to wash your hands once your foundation application is complete!

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  5. Model's finished look after following Charlotte's how to apply foundation routine




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