Halloween Makeup Kit Must-Haves from Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

Happy Halloween, darlings! Discover all the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty products that you need in your Halloween makeup kit to create magical makeup looks this October!

Trick or treat, darlings? If you’re getting into the Halloween spirit and planning the perfect makeup look to complement your costume, you’ll want to get your hands on these Charlotte Tilbury Beauty icons! With my magical makeup in your Halloween makeup kit, creating SEXY, SPOOKY, SULTRY makeup looks that TURN HEADS is easy!

Vintage Vamp model shot

Discover Charlotte’s Halloween Makeup Kit Essentials

  1. An open, black-coloured eyeliner pen with its cap next to it.


    Black eyeliner is the true QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN! Embodying the dark and mysterious spirit of spooky season, black eyeliner is a must-have for creating every Halloween makeup look! Whether you’re applying a sultry winged eyeliner or drawing on a set of cutesy cat whiskers, you’re going to need a blacker-than-black eyeliner in your Halloween makeup kit to complete your look!

    The Feline Flick in Panther is a lacquered, liquid eyeliner that glides on to create moments of jet-black makeup artistry. It’s perfect for adding the finer details to your Halloween makeup and offers DARK, DRAMATIC finishing touches that transform your makeup from natural to SUPERNATURAL!

    Tilbury Tip: If you prefer a smokier look, reach for The Classic eyeliner pencil in Classic Black and blend it out using the Eye Blender Brush.

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  2. The Beautyverse eyeshadow palette with 9 matte and shimmer shades for creating gorgeous holiday makeup looks

    The Beautyverse Palette

    Are you entering the beautyverse this Halloween, darlings? NEW! The Beautyverse Palette is perfect for creating eye-popping eyeshadow looks this Halloween! Featuring trending shades including Digital Lilac for cybertronic party eyes and Beautyverse for the most show-stopping glow, the palette includes 9 shades in Future Matte, Crystal Glow and Party Topper finishes that play with the light and are a Halloween treat for the eyes! Use your favourite beautifying shades to create an iconic Halloween eye look!

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  3. Light-coloured foundation in a frosted glass bottle with a gold-coloured pump dispenser and its lid next to it.


    Airbrush Flawless Foundation is the full-coverage foundation that your Halloween makeup kit needs. Horror and glamour exist side-by-side, and this natural-matte foundation is the perfect tool for creating a flawless-looking base that lets your creativity shine. I created this AIRbrush-effect foundation to help Halloween honeys everywhere have spellbinding skin until the end of the night, because who said you can’t get SPOOKY and look SHOW-STOPPING at the same time, darling?

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  4. An open, mirrored-lid quad eyeshadow palette with eyeshadows in shades of golden, red, plum, and rose gold.

    LUXURY PALETTE in The Vintage Vamp

    The Vintage Vamp is one of my 10 ICONIC makeup looks, and it’s one of my favourites for Halloween. I created the Luxury Palette in The Vintage Vamp so that everyone, everywhere could UNLEASH their inner Vintage Vamp! The eyeshadow quad features deep purple and burgundy shades that leave the eyes looking seriously sultry, making it a perfect addition to your Halloween makeup kit.

    To get the look, sweep the plum and burgundy shades through the eye socket to build intensity, then add the peachy gold shade onto the lid to make them POP! Then, add the pale shimmer shade to the brow bone and inner corners as a brightening highlight. This all-in-one palette is perfect for creating effortlessly vampy looks – transforming yourself and your friends into VAMPY VIXENS has never been easier!

    Tilbury Tip: For a grungy, green eye look, try The Rebel Luxury Palette, and for a gorgeous, greyscale look, try The Rock Chick Luxury Palette.

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    Discover Charlotte’s 10 Iconic Looks

  5. Mascara in a pink-coloured tube with its gold-coloured lid with a black applicator next to it.


    Darlings, lifted, fuller looking lashes are always in style, and Halloween is no exception! ALWAYS keep plenty of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara in your Halloween makeup kit! Dark, dramatic and fanned-out eyelashes can make a look, so be sure to apply plenty of this lift-effect mascara… It’s like MAGIC for your lashes!

    Tilbury Tip: Darlings, while sharing is caring, the scariest thing to happen this Halloween would be sharing a mascara with your friends and family! Always take care of your eye health and don’t share your mascara with anyone else.

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  6. A collection of closed, single-pan, shimmery eyeshadow compacts in rose-gold packaging.


    Hypnotising Pop Shots aren’t only for the holidays, darlings! These dazzling pops of captivating colour are destined to send your Halloween makeup looks OUT OF THIS WORLD! Giving the eyes an instantly elevated look that’s inspired by the gorgeous glow of DIAMONDS, these easy-to-use single eyeshadows give the lids intense colour and breath-taking sparkle in one swipe, making them a secret weapon in your Halloween makeup kit.

    Choose Pillow Talk Diamonds, a multichrome pink with dazzling diamond shine, or Lover's Diamond, a mystifying berry red that no vampire could resist! Apply to the lid with your finger to give your Halloween eye makeup a shot of shimmer that keeps them glowing after dark.

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  7. A deep-tone model with brown eyes applying a glittery vivid, rose pink eyeliner while wearing full-glam dewy and glowy pink makeup.


    Looking to take your Halloween eyeliner into a whole new dimension? Pillow Talk Crystal Dimension Eyeliner is the key to creating magical, multichrome makeup looks this Halloween! This pink and gold liquid eyeliner is the perfect way to bring the magic of Pillow Talk onto the eyes, giving your Halloween eye makeup DAZZLING, DIAMOND-LIKE SPARKLE in my signature shade!

    Create gorgeous, graphic Halloween eyeliner with mystical and magical offering from my Pillow Talk universe! Glide the crystal-infused formula along the lash line and eye area to make sure ALL EYES ARE ON YOU this Halloween!

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  8. Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Dream Pop a vibrant red matte liquid blush

    Matte Beauty Blush Wands

    You can create jaw-dropping makeup looks with my Matte Beauty Blush Wands, darlings! These easy liquid blushes can be used to create iconic Halloween blush looks; take it high onto the temples for a dramatic high blush look or focus it in defined circles on the apples of the cheeks for a rosy-cheeked rag doll look. I recommend my racy red shade Dream Pop as the perfect pop of red for spooky season!

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  9. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Scarlet Spell Pack Shot


    Darlings, bold lipstick isn’t just for Halloween, however, every Halloween makeup look needs a statement lipstick shade to make it POP! Discover some of my must-have lip colours for your Halloween makeup kit from blood reds to BOO-tiful berries!

    Matte Revolution Lipstick is my AWARD-WINNING matte lipstick formula and comes in plenty of party-ready shades that SCREAM spooky season:

    • Festival Magic is a bewitching berry shade, casting a spell that turns your pout purple.
    • Lost Cherry is a vibrant cherry pink that beckons to be bitten.

    K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick is a soft, satin lipstick formula that kisses the lips with MOISTURISING MAGIC, making lips irresistibly kissable from dusk ‘til dawn:

    • Love Bite is a bright, burning red that sets your look alight!
    • Ready for Lust is a winter berry shade that leaves your lips looking gore-geous.
    • Velvet Underground is a dollhouse fuchsia pink that belongs on every spooky doll look.

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  10. Two travel-sized bottles of Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray gift set

    Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray Duo

    Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray is a non-negotiable Halloween makeup step, darlings! Once you've created the most magical makeup look to fright or delight with, lock it into place with my party-all-night setting spray formula to help your look last beyond witching hour! The Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray Duo includes 2 travel-sized versions of my makeup-fixing, airbrush-effect formula, making it easy to spritz, set and go, even on the go!

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