What is Aquaporin & How is it Used in Skincare?

Deep dive into Aquaporin – a star skincare ingredient found in the Waterlocking Fusion Technology™️ that powers NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream.

Darlings, with the help of my incredible, world-leading labs and scientists, I’m always searching for NEW! ‘it’ ingredients that will supercharge my skincare formulas to be the best that they can be! When creating NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, I was introduced to Aquaporin, and I was so excited by the possibilities that this secret ingredient could bring to my beauty innovations.

But what is Aquaporin? Consider this guide an introduction to Aquaporin, darlings, and discover how it can be used in skincare to produce mesmerising results that you can see, feel and believe!

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What is Aquaporin? - Simple Definition

Simply put, Aquaporins allow water to pass through the cell membrane to make sure our skin cells contain enough water.

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What is Aquaporin & What Do Aquaporins Do?

Aquaporins are transmembrane proteins that form water channels to allow water to be actively transported across the cell membrane. Water is kept out of cells by lipid bilayers, and so, it relies on Aquaporin water channels to act as an open gateway that allows entry into our cells. The most common type of Aquaporin in the skin is Aquaporin-3 which is known to help transport water from the skin’s surface into skin cells.

Before Aquaporin was discovered in 1992, it was widely believed that water could only travel from cell to cell via osmosis; however, scientists learnt more about Aquaporin and water transport after recognising its ability to regulate the flow of water.

The role of Aquaporin is key to cell function. Our cells require water to function healthily, but our cell membranes only have a limited permeability to water. To maintain optimal water levels, Aquaporin water channels facilitate the movement of large amounts of water, transporting it through cell membranes and plasma membranes to ensure our cells have plenty of water, helping to prevent water loss.

What happens when skin lacks Aquaporin?

When the skin is lacking in Aquaporins, cells have lower water permeability and the movement of water is drastically reduced. As a result, skin cells do not receive enough water and so cannot function as efficiently. Skin that has fewer Aquaporin water channels can experience a lack of elasticity; wounds can take longer to heal; energy production can be impaired; and cells have a slower cell regeneration rate.

The number of Aquaporin water channels in your skin often decreases with age, leading to mature skin often feeling less elastic and being prone to dehydration. Aquaporins can also be affected by exposure to the sun, with water channels becoming damaged by harmful UV rays – this is why sunburnt skin feels dehydrated and tight to the touch.

How Are Aquaporins Used in Skincare?

Aquaporin is becoming a sought-after skincare ingredient thanks to its deeply hydrating qualities. The proteins that form Aquaporin provide short and long-term hydration, helping skin to feel instantly hydrated while working to strengthen and repair skin barrier function for more hydrated skin over time. Aquaporin is quick-soothing for the skin and helps to create a smoother skin texture while reducing the look of redness on the face. It’s not a trend, darlings… Aquaporin is a powerhouse ingredient that belongs in every skincare routine!

Benefits of Aquaporin in Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream

NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream calls on the magic of Aquaporin to intensely hydrate thirsty skin. This supercharged gel moisturiser is infused with Waterlocking Fusion Technology™ with Aquaporin to drench the skin with 100-hour hydration*. This superpowered blend works alongside niacinamide and oil balancing extract to rebalance oils, refine the appearance of pores and brighten the look of the complexion, as well as biopeptide complex to help smooth, firm and even the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Discover NEW! Waterlocking Fusion Technology™ with Aquaporin

NEW! Waterlocking Fusion Technology™ is a powerful hydration complex made up of a unique combination of HYDAGEN™ Aquaporin and HYDRASENSYL™ Glucan Green. Its elements work in synergy to boost Aquaporin production, flooding the skin with micro droplets for 100-hour hydration* and training it to retain more moisture over time.

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HYDAGEN™ Aquaporin – or glycerol glucoside – is a fusion of sugars glycerin and glucose. While creating Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, my team of skincare experts decided to pair glycerin and glycerol glucoside; Glycerin is a hydrating ingredient that’s commonly used in skincare, however, glycerol glucoside is even more hydrating than glycerin alone, and also helps glycerin to become even more hydrating when the pair is used together. Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream contains both of these hydration heroes as well as hyaluronic acid to give the gel-cream formula even greater depth of moisture.

HYDRASENSYL™ Glucan Green is the other key player that makes up NEW! Waterlocking Fusion Technology™. It’s a popular food supplement that is used in skincare to help strengthen the skin barrier; reduce the appearance of redness; and to give skin a hydrating, plumping effect. HYDRASENSYL™ Glucan Green has a wide-branched cellular structure like hyaluronic acid and a triple-helix structure like collagen, making it an extremely efficient hydrator. Most Beta Glucans are sourced from mushrooms – a process that breaks down the cellular structure of the molecules – whereas the variety used in my Waterlocking Fusion Technology™ is created through the fermentation of yeast to create the purest version, isolating each Beta Glucan to retain full functionality.

This expert blend of instant and long-term hydrators that makes up Waterlocking Fusion Technology™ works in hydration harmony. These powerhouse ingredients are the stars of NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, helping skin to look instantly revived and drenching it with deep, long-lasting hydration.