How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

Banish dehydrated skin for good with our how to guide for nourishing your skin with the vitamins it needs for a glowing, luminous complexion.

Wherever you are in the world, dehydrated skin is something that can affect us in hot and cold climates. When your skin is hydrated, your makeup will glide on much smoother, as there is less chance of dry patches, oily areas and uneven texture. The number one golden rule of hydrated skin is to drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres per day. To help your skin along the way, we’ve compiled our favourite skincare ingredients to help your skin stay moisturised, hydrated, while helping to reduce imperfections.


Everybody needs to have a moisturiser in their skincare routine. Whether you have oily or dry skin, a good day and night moisturiser will help to add hydration to your skin and create a smoother base to apply foundation on. You can read more about the differences between Charlotte's Magic Cream and Magic Night Cream here, but we recommend both to really maximise your skin potential.

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A face mask can help add a boost of hydration to your complexion. They can also help create the illusion of brighter, smoother skin which is ideal for when you want to create the appearance of having 8 hours sleep! We love the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, with bio-mimetic technology to help tailor skin care to suit your skins needs.

Complexion Booster

Create the illusion of a super dewy, flawless, starlit skin with the Hollywood Flawless Filter, the revolutionary new category of makeup only at Charlotte Tilbury. A complexion booster is a new category of makeup that can help make your skin appear brighter and smoother, whether you use it all over, mixed with your foundation, dotted like a highlighter or underneath like a primer. We know that following strict skin care rules isn’t always viable when we lead busy lives (and hedonistic nights), so having a quick fix for flawless skin is a makeup bag essential!

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