Introducing Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream: A NEW! Magic Moisturiser

Discover Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream – a magical gel moisturiser for generation dehydration.

Darlings, 10 magical years ago, I founded Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. The first product I ever launched was my born backstage, instant-turnaround moisturiser, Charlotte’s Magic Cream, to give everyone, everywhere an immediate skin revival. Now, a NEW! magic moisturiser has arrived to continue the Magic Cream legacy – Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream. Expertly formulated as a lightweight, fragrance-free gel moisturiser, Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream DRENCHES like a water cream and REVIVES like a Magic Cream!

Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream is my latest skincare innovation and is designed to flood thirsty skin with deep, lasting hydration. Darlings, your skin is THIRSTY, and this research-powered gel moisturiser is a dream for dehydrated skin. Every skin type experiences dehydration, and this moisturising gel is the secret to a dewy, glass-like, fresh water glow for everyone, everywhere!


Darlings, Your Skin is Thirsty!

It’s true, darlings – we are generation dehydration! On any given day, our skin contends with harsh weather conditions, poor sleep, office air conditioning, sweating or sickness which can all contribute to skin becoming dehydrated. We’re all so busy, darlings, and we don’t always drink enough water or dedicate enough time to our self-care skincare which often leads to our skin quickly becoming dehydrated and in need of a magical moisture boost.

I created Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream to immediately quench thirsty skin – it’s my skincare secret for instant skin hydration! The gel formula glides onto the face to deliver a surge of hydrating skin benefits, drenching the skin with long-lasting moisture and reviving its appearance to create a dewy-looking, glass-like glow.

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The Magical Ingredients in Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream

Waterlocking Fusion Technology™: a powerful hydration complex that boosts Aquaporin production to give the skin 100-hour hydration*.

Niacinamide: a versatile ingredient that brightens the look of the complexion, refines the appearance of pores, and helps to balance the overall complexion.

Biopeptide Complex: improves the look of skin tone and texture for a smoother, more even-looking complexion.

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Why You Need Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream

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100-Hour Hydration with Every Application*

Darlings, Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream is formulated to be intensely hydrating and revives the look of dehydrated skin with 100 hours of hydration*! This gel moisturiser is powered by Waterlock Fusion Technology™ that boosts Aquaporins, the water channels on the surface of skin cells, to drench dehydrated skin – it quenches instantly and helps to maintain moisture levels throughout the day. Applying Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream helps to bring the look of dehydrated skin back to life and can also reduce the appearance of dehydration lines caused by a lack of moisture in the skin.

Ultra-Light, Bouncy Gel-Cream Formula

With Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, I wanted to create a feather-light gel-cream with a comfortable, silky-smooth formula. This gel moisturiser has a bouncy, super-soft texture that’s easy to work with, feeling malleable between the fingers and gliding effortlessly onto the skin. It feels almost weightless on the face and absorbs beautifully for instant and lasting hydration, giving the skin a magical boost while feeling fresh and never heavy.

Dewy-Looking Fresh Water Glow

While hydrating your skin and providing a host of skincare benefits, my magical gel moisturiser also gives you the best, dewy-looking glow of your life! The silky, intensely hydrating formula delivers a glass skin effect, giving every complexion a refreshed and well-hydrated look that seems lit from within. Massage Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream into the skin to unlock the dreamiest fresh water glow that appears direct from a water fountain of youth!

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Fragrance-Free Formula

I chose to formulate Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream as a fragrance-free gel formula that’s gentle and kind to skin. While subtle fragrance can make skincare feel luxurious to apply and creates that spa-quality experience, some people are sensitive to fragrance in their skincare; I wanted to create a fragrance-free option that everyone, everywhere can reach for to give themselves an immediate skin revival, and so, my NEW! unscented magic moisturiser was born!

Improves the Appearance of Skin Tone, Texture and Pores

The magic of Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream is the diverse set of skincare benefits that it has to offer. This supercharged gel formula helps to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture with an expert Biopeptide Complex, as well as refining the appearance of pores thanks to skincare powerhouse niacinamide and reducing the look of redness on the face for a more even-looking complexion. It’s formulated to suit every skin type and helps everyone, everywhere to make their skin wishes come true, including oily and combination skin types that experience excess oil production.

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Wears Beautifully Under Makeup

Moisturising before applying makeup is crucial, darlings! When I was dreaming up Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, it was essential that the formula prepped the face for a flawless makeup application. I created an ultra-lightweight consistency that hydrates and primes nature’s canvas for makeup, making sure that it applies smoothly and effectively absorbs into the skin. The formula looks divine with makeup; it doesn’t pill or bunch up underneath your foundation and gives the complexion a glassy glow that enhances every makeup look. Begin every makeup routine with a magic moisturiser and your skin and makeup will never look better, darlings!

Results You Can See and Believe!

Backstage at fashion week, I have no time at all to transform the look of a model’s skin, so I always seek to create products that give the complexion an instant turnaround. Each of my skincare products is designed to produce instant, magic results as well as skin improvements that are witnessed over time.

With Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, you’ll see long-term benefits in 28 days, as well as immediate results in just 28 seconds!

Magic Water Cream before and after

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How Hydrated Is Your Skin?

Darlings, learn more about your skin’s hydration levels in real time with my NEW! skincare tech innovation! My hydration tool allows you to use camera mode to perform live diagnostics on your skin, detecting just how dehydrated it may be. Hydration is always a sliding scale, and this tool delivers a detailed analysis that determines the best products to use in your daily skincare routine.

Discover this AI-powered beauty tech tool* and use live readings to learn just how hydrated your skin is. If you’re looking dehydrated, darlings, Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream is here to flood your skin with healthy hydration!

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Hydrate On the Go

Busy travel days and long-haul flights can cause dehydration, darlings, so I always travel with Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream to refresh and revive the look of my complexion. This NEW! gel moisturiser is available as a 15ml travel size that’s perfect for hydrating while travelling, out and about or on the go.

Travel-sized Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream is also the perfect way to try this NEW! formula – it’s a little bit of magic that will keep you coming back to unlock Magic Skin, forever!

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