What is a Foaming Cleanser?

Discover everything you need to know about foaming cleansers and how to use Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser.

Darlings, cleansing your skin is the ultimate step in your research-powered skincare routine for a FRESH and GLOWING complexion!

What Is Foaming Cleanser?

On a typical day, your skin can come into contact with many different irritants including pollutants, dirt, dust, excess oil, makeup and dead skin cells, which can clog your pores and contribute to dry skin, blemishes, dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Cleansing AM and PM is the only way to break the cycle and unlock the secret to CLEANSED, FRESH, SPA-LIKE GLOW every day!

Read on to discover what foaming cleansers are, how they work and what their benefits are. This helpful guide tells you everything you need to know about the benefits of foaming facial cleanser and how my NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser gives you a FRESH SPA-LIKE SKIN GLOW every day.

What is a Foaming Cleanser?

Foaming cleansers are facial cleansers that foam up when mixed with water. Some are foam in texture when pumped out of their container, while others transform between textures, emulsifying into a foam when mixed with warm water.

How Do Foaming Cleansers Work?

There are many types of facial cleansers including oil cleansers, gel cleansers, cream cleansers and cleansing balms. Foaming facial cleansers have a rich, foamy lathy texture when mixed with water and tend to be gentle on skin, while providing a luxurious, sensorial and indulgent cleansing experience.

Many cleansers (including foam ones) can contain ingredients that can be drying, dulling or stripping. That’s why I’ve created my NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser – a 3-in-1 priming cleanser that gently removes makeup, dirt, SPF and impurities while providing a protective barrier to prevent your skin from drying out.

Magic Hydration Revival Foaming Cleanser

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The MAGIC of NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser

Darlings, it’s a new era in cleansing! The texture of Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser transforms from a comforting cream to a rich foam to a purifying milk during application for a SENSORIAL FACIALIST-INSPIRED EXPERIENCE! Inspired by the effects of a world-class facial, it revives the skin with the help of three expertly blended, supercharged ingredients:

MAGIC INGREDIENT 1: Hyaluronic acid! This hydration powerhouse ingredient helps your skin retain moisture and elasticity for a SMOOTHER, PLUMPER LOOKING complexion!

MAGIC INGREDIENT 2: Skin-smoothing peptide complex! This skincare ingredient reduces the appearance of pores and refines your skin tone appearance for MAGIC skin!

MAGIC INGREDIENT 3: Biomimetic barrier shield technology! This science-powered technology features lipids to replenish your skin’s barrier and prevent water loss to give your skin a PLUMPING EFFECT hydration boost that continues post-cleanse – even after rinsing!

Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser is the perfect gentle foaming cleanser for oily skin and all other skin types! When you apply it as part of your everyday skincare cleansing ritual, your skin will be 2X more HYDRATED* and your pores will look 4X reduced!**

As well as removing all makeup and impurities and leaving your face LOOKING 97% CLEARER and SMOOTHER***, it PRIMES and PLUMPS the LOOK of your skin so that everything you apply afterwards GLIDES on like magic for a TILBURY GLOW with no stripping, drying or dullness in sight!

How To Use a Foaming Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser application

All you need for a foaming cleanser to work its magic is water! Simply apply Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser to the palm of your hand, add a couple of drops of water and gently rub your hands together to activate its foamy texture! Then, apply the foam evenly across your face and massage it into your skin to deeply CLEANSE, PURIFY and MELT AWAY any makeup, dirt and impurities on your skin. Then, rinse off with warm water for IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL!

How Often Should I Use A Foaming Cleanser?

Cleansing should be done twice a day as part of your AM and PM research-powered skincare rituals!

By day, it’s really important to cleanse first thing to remove any sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells that might have built up overnight. Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser HYDRATES, REVIVES__ and PRIMES the LOOK of your skin, leaving you with a perfectly cleansed canvas on which to apply the rest of your skincare and makeup products.

By night, Charlotte’s Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser is the MUST-HAVE product to use after my Take It All Off makeup remover to remove any stubborn dirt and makeup and flood your skin with hydration before a night of MAGIC beauty sleep!

Tilbury Tip: Don’t forget to apply your skincare products in the correct order to reap all their magic benefits! My guide to the correct skincare routine order for skincare products tells you everything you need to know about AM and PM skincare.

Now that you’ve uncovered the benefits of foaming facial cleanser and discovered the MAGIC EFFECTS of my NEW! Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser, you’ve just UNLOCKED the secrets to a PERFECTLY CLEANSED complexion that’s HYDRATED, REVIVED and PRIMED!

*Tested on 33 people

**Tested on 33 people after 2 weeks

***Tested on 33 people after 1 week

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