The Brunette Edit: Makeup for Brown Hair

Become a breathtaking brunette beauty with my magical makeup secrets for brown hair.

Darlings, there’s an art to matching your makeup with your luscious locks! Choosing the most flattering makeup colours for brown hair can make your mousey, chestnut and chocolate-brown locks appear richer and even more magical. 

I’m an expert when it comes to colour, darlings! Discover my makeup recommendations for brown hair from earthy neutrals to the perfect brights and bolds!

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Lipstick for Brunettes

Brunettes look fabulous in all sorts of lipstick shades, from dreamy, rosy pinks to seductive, statement reds. When I’m working with brunette beauties, I like to reach for rich, nuanced lipstick colours like berries, wines and mauves that look impactful alongside the glossy sheen of brown hair. Discover your new signature shade below – it’ll look flawless with your beautiful, brown locks!

Red Lipstick for Brown Hair

  1. Brunette model wearing Red Hot Susan Hot Lips lipstick


    Red Hot Susan is a head-turning red lipstick for brunettes! This red-hot siren shade from my Hot Lips 2 collection is an orange-toned red lipstick with an irresistible matte finish to give lips a warm-toned slick of timeless red. This easy-to-wear red can act as a casually glamorous everyday lipstick before taking your look from day to night in a flash! Just add a kiss of Savage Rose Lip Cheat to define the look of your lips, then turn up the heat with Red Hot Susan!

    Shop Hot Lips 2 in Red Hot Susan

  2. Brunette model wearing Viva La Vergara Hot Lips 2 lipstick


    For brunettes that prefer a splash of wine-red lipstick, reach for my Hot Lips 2 lipstick in Viva La Vergara. This muted merlot is an intoxicating shade of smooth lipstick that gives every pout a rush of lavish red. The lip-perfecting matte finish feels hydrating on the lips and pairs expertly with my Lip Cheat in Crazy in Love, creating a look that will mesmerise everyone you meet.

  3. Brunette model wearing Walk of No Shame Matte Revolution lipstick


    Darlings, Walk of No Shame suits everyone, everywhere! I created this rosy red as a wonderful, wearable red lipstick that’s more subdued than brighter, statement-making reds, gently enhancing the look of the lips with the dreamiest, rose-tinted berry shade. Walk of No Shame is my empowering, confidence-boosting lipstick and it’s perfect for brunettes that are searching for a magical, just-kissed red that looks particularly flattering with rich mahogany and chestnut tresses.

    Shop Walk of No Shame Matte Revolution lipstick

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Pink Lipstick for Brunettes

  1. Brunette model wearing Very Victoria matte revolution lipstick


    My Matte Revolution lipstick in Very Victoria is a cool-toned, taupe-pink lipstick that suits every brunette beauty. This effortlessly elegant matte lipstick is the secret to smitten-looking lips and pairs perfectly with ash-brown waves. Pair Very Victoria with a sultry, smokey eye and my Iconic Nude Lip Cheat to create a smouldering makeup look for brunettes!

    Shop Matte Revolution lipstick in Very Victoria

  2. Brunette model wearing Pillow Talk Medium Matte Revolution lipstick


    Makeup artists, celebrities and beauty lovers everywhere are talking about my Pillow Talk collection, darlings – it’s full of makeup secrets in everyone’s perfect shade! I created Pillow Talk Medium lipstick as a deeper, berry-toned version of my world-famous Pillow Talk lipstick; it’s the sweetest shade of pink and looks fabulous on brown-haired beauties! This plush-feeling matte lipstick perfectly complements the natural shine of brown hair, creating a magical lipstick look that’s universally flattering but looks particularly enchanting on brunettes!

    Tilbury Tip: Darlings, pair Pillow Talk Medium with my matching Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk Medium for well-defined, shapely-looking lips.

  3. Brunette model wearing Stoned Rose Kissing lipstick


    One of my favourite ways to brighten up a makeup look for brunettes is by swiping on my Stoned Rose K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick. Stoned Rose is a glowing coral shade of my moisturising, satin-shine lipstick formula, giving the lips a wave of beachy rose-pink. This flattering shade is more vibrant than a nude and more understated than a statement red or pink, meeting in the middle to give brunettes a tempting coral pop that lifts and enlivens any makeup look. Pair Stoned Rose with my Hot Gossip Lip Cheat to get the pink lipstick look on every brunette’s lips!

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Eye Makeup for Brunettes

Discover how to make your brown hair and eye colour pop with my most mesmeric eyeshadow and eyeliner colours for brunettes!

Makeup for Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

  1. Pillow Talk Luxury Palette with 4 rosy-pink eyeshadow shades to prime, enhance, smoke and pop

    Pillow Talk – Luxury Palette

    Coiffed brown hair and piercing blue eyes are a dreamy combination, and my world-famous Pillow Talk Luxury Palette is the perfect eyeshadow palette to complete the look. I created Pillow Talk to be everyone’s perfect shade – it’s my secret to creating beautifying nude-pink makeup looks – and the iconic, lovestruck shades look fabulous with brown hair and blue eyes. The soft pinks in my Luxury Palette offer the most magical veil of velvety pink that flatters every complexion, and the shimmering shades help to emphasise the oceanic glow of blue eyes.

    Shop Pillow Talk Luxury Palette

  2. Chocolate Bronze Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow with lid off

    Chocolate Bronze – Eyes to Mesmerise

    Accentuating your eyes with neutral brown tones allows your twinkling baby blues to become the centre of attention. For brown hair and blue eyes, I recommend applying the Chocolate Bronze shade of my Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow to create a delectable brown eye look that understatedly contrasts blue eyes. This chocolate-brown eyeshadow glazes over the lids and delivers a rich, shimmering colour that matches the glossy shine of brunette hair, creating a smooth and sultry look that every brunette needs in their repertoire.

    Shop Chocolate Bronze shade of my Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow

  3. Sleep Cheat Liner Duo with brightening peach and eye-defining navy eyeliner shades

    Sleep Cheat Liner Duo

    Do you want to wake up the look of your eyes while accentuating their beautiful blue sparkle, darlings? My Sleep Cheat Liner Duo is expertly designed to help tired eyes appear brighter and more awake. It features a peachy-nude liner with subtle shimmer that glides through the waterline for a flattering, eye-opening effect, as well as a navy-blue matte that defines and lifts the look of your eyes. Both shades work together to create a wake-me-up effect for busy brunettes, everywhere!

    Shop Sleep Cheat Liner Duo

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Makeup for Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

  1. Luxury Palette in The Bella Sofia with four bronze eyeshadow shades

    The Bella Sofia – Luxury Palette

    Brown hair and brown eyes have the most magical synergy, making it easy to create the dreamiest makeup looks. Naturally, beautiful brown tones like the bronze and copper shades in The Bella Sofia Luxury Palette are a flawless match for brown hair and brown eyes; they create complementary makeup looks in deep, rich shades that resemble the natural sparkle of brown eyes. Use this eye-enhancing palette to create a bronzed eye look that deepens every brown-eyed gaze and sparkles alongside your glossy brunette locks.

    Shop The Bella Sofia Luxury Palette

  2. Oyster Pearl Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow with lid off

    Oyster Pearl – Eyes to Mesmerise

    From my treasure trove of Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadows, Oyster Pearl is a glimmering jewel that flawlessly enhances the appearance of brown hair and brown eyes. This illuminating shade is a nuanced metallic that marries taupe and neutral-toned pigments with glimmering silver pearls to create a shell-like glaze. The cool-toned shade looks searingly sultry on brown eyes and effortlessly complements brunettes with ash and golden undertones in their hair.

    Shop Oyster Pearl

  3. An open, double-ended metallic and matte eyeliner in teal and sapphire blue.

    Super Blue – Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo

    Colour theory is the secret to making your hair and eye colour pop, darlings! Oranges and browns are the opposite of blue on the colour wheel, making them complementary colours. When paired together, these colours interact beautifully, tricking the eye to help both colours appear brighter and more vivid. Blue eyeliner is the perfect pop of colour for brown hair and brown eyes, elegantly contrasting natural brunette tones to create an eye-catching eye look. To get the look, reach for my Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue to create sparkling, cerulean eye makeup that suits every brown-haired beauty!

    Shop Super Blue

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Makeup for Brown Hair and Green Eyes 

  1. An open, mirrored-lid quad eyeshadow palette with matte eyeshadows in chocolate, taupe, tan, and cream shades

    The Sophisticate - Luxury Palette

    Keeping your eye makeup simple can set the perfect stage for your glowing green eyes, darlings. Reaching for matte browns that complement your brown hair like the silky-smooth taupe and saddle shades in The Sophisticate Luxury Palette allows you to create an understated, barely-there eyeshadow look that softly enhances the look of your green eyes. When combined with a coat or two of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara, The Sophisticate is the perfect, pared-back eyeshadow look for brown hair.

    Shop The Sophisticate Luxury Palette

  2. Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pot in Amber Gold, a warm, golden shade

    Amber Gold - Eyes to Mesmerise

    Earth tones always look magical on brunettes thanks to their beautiful brown hues. Tapping an earth-toned shade of my Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow onto the lids is a seamless way to enhance the appearance of green eyes - they create foiled makeup magic that looks mesmeric on every brunette! I adore applying Amber Gold on green eyes; it’s a gorgeous, earthy gold with a hint of brown that’s perfect for accentuating the look of brown hair and green eyes with glistening golden sparkle.

    Shop Amber Gold Eyes to Mesmerise

  3. Walk of No Shame Eyeliner russet-red eyeliner

    Walk of No Shame Eyeliner

    My russet-red eyeliner in Walk of No Shame has the ability to make green eyes appear even greener! Inspired by my iconic lipstick of the same name, the Walk of No Shame Eyeliner is an eye-defining, confidence-boosting shade that empowers your gaze by easily gliding soft, warm-toned red along the lash line. The Walk of No Shame collection is perfect for brunettes – especially those with auburn and chestnut hues in their hair – and creates moments of berry-toned beauty that look endlessly flattering on brown hair and green eyes!

    Shop Walk of No Shame Eyeliner

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