How To Use Brow Gel

Unlock the secrets to supermodel brows with my helpful guide on how to use brow gel.

Darlings, achieving a fully defined eyebrow look is one of the top tricks for IRRESISTIBLE BEAUTY. Not only will it accentuate the look of your face’s natural features and facial framework, but it also complements the rest of your makeup application and puts a FLAWLESS finish on your entire beauty look. No look is complete without SUPERMODEL brows, darling!

If you want to define, feather, and fill in your brows for extra definition, one of the best MAGIC beauty tools for creating supermodel-inspired, defined brows with impact is eyebrow gel!

Ready to UNLOCK the secrets to SUPERMODEL BROWS? Read on to discover my tips, tricks and step-by-step guides on how to apply eyebrow gel.

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How To Use Tinted Brow Gel

Darlings, when it comes to brow gel, there are two types you can use: tinted and clear. If you’re looking to add colour, character and definition to your brows then a tinted brow gel will add dreamy definition with extra pigment to your brows in SECONDS!

My Legendary Brows is a must-have water-resistant tinted brow gel with a micro-precision brush that coats and defines every single brow hair for a FULL and FEATHERED look. And it comes in four MAGIC shades so you can find the perfect colour match for your complexion:

Taupe: This taupe shade with neutral tones works best on fair brows, red brows and light to medium blonde brows.

Soft Brown: The light and neutral tones of Soft Brown complement dark blonde to medium brown and auburn brown eyebrows best.

Dark Brown: Dark Brown features warm neutral tones to define and enhance brows that are medium to dark brown.

Black Brown: The darkest shade of Legendary Brows has warm and neutral undertones to accentuate dark brown and black brows.

Tilbury Tip: Don’t forget to UNLOCK the most flattering brow colour for your complexion with my discover your flawlessly matched brow makeup shade guide.

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How To Apply Brow Gel

Creating a SUPER-FLATTERING brow look that lifts the look of your facial structure and stays in place all day is easy with Legendary Brows! Simply follow the steps below to discover how to apply this ICONIC brow gel…


To begin, use a clean spoolie to reveal your natural brow shape and any areas that require some extra definition. For best effects, brush straight up on the inner corners of your eyebrows and then outwards, following the arch down towards the tail end.


Before applying Legendary Brows tinted brow gel, make sure to flick the tip of the wand against the top of the tube to remove any excess product from the wand. This will make it easier to achieve a natural brow look and will avoid creating brows that look ‘overdone’.


The next step is to apply your Legendary Brows, beginning at the front of your brow, brushing through the product through your brow hairs in small upward motions.


Then, continue applying the product to the outer half of your brow, focusing your attention on, and building up coverage in any sparser areas. Apply and build until you reach your desired, feathered finish!

Tilbury Tip: If your brows are sparse and you crave more coverage and definition, use my Brow Lift or Brow Cheat eyebrow pencils before applying your Legendary Brows!

How To Use Clear Brow Gel

Unlike a tinted brow gel, the formula of a clear brow gel has no colour, and its main purpose is to set and fix your brows in place without adding extra coverage. Being transparent, clear brow gel won’t compromise or change your natural brow shade with unwanted pigment. Instead, it fixes each hair in place for a perfectly textured finish.

Brow Fix is my 24-hour clear brow gel that can be used either before or after applying your Legendary Brows tinted brow gel to LOCK IN your look for brows that stay in place all day. But it can also be worn alone to condition your brows, cover any gaps and add instant thickness and definition!

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How To Apply Brow Fix

If you’re looking to enhance your brows without changing their natural colour, or want to lock in your newly-filled-and-feathered brow look, pick up my Brow Fix clear brow gel and follow the steps below…


Use a clean spoolie to comb your natural eyebrow hair so that you can see what you’re working with. Usually, this means brushing straight up on the inner corners and then outwards, following the arch down towards the tail end. If your brows are sparse, brush the front of your brows up before brushing the tail down.


Apply the Brow Fix clear brow gel to your eyebrows, tapping off any excess product to avoid that overdone look. For best effects, start your application from the front of the brow and carefully work outwards. Then, your naturally defined 24-hour eyebrow look is born!

Tilbury Tip: Did you know that Brow Fix can be used for other makeup and beauty fixes? Simply use it as a mascara for a pared-back natural lash look or on your hairline to tame those flyaway hairs.

My AMAZING wardrobe of eyebrow gels contains two MIRACLE products: Legendary Brows, a tinted brow gel for depth, definition and character and Brow Fix, a clear brow gel that conditions your brows and sets them in place all day long!

For SUPERMODEL BROWS that complement any magic makeup look, use both Legendary Brows and Brow Fix together after applying my Brow Lift and Brow Cheat eyebrow pencils. But if you don’t want to tweak or enhance your eyebrow’s natural shade, then simply use Brow Fix alone for NATURAL, HEALTHY-LOOKING brows that wow!

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