Brow Looks To Try: Bushy Brows, Thin Brows, Ombré Brows + More

Discover different eyebrow looks to try from sculptural arched brows to ombré brows to 90s-inspired pencil-thin brows.

Darlings, eyebrows are the pillars of the face! Timeless beauty icons have pioneered different brow styles from statement bushy brows to perfectly plucked pencil-thin brows, and every decade sees these eyebrow styles cycle back into fashion again and again!

There are so many magical brow looks to try, from dramatically arched brows and soft ombré brows to groomed feathered brows and the laminated look. Choosing a flattering brow shape and style is the key to framing every makeup look! Discover 7 different eyebrow styles to try and create a brow transformation that unlocks a whole new you!

Bella Tilbury Eyebrow Look

Discover Eyebrow Looks To Try



Fluffy brows can look playfully modern and can define the look of your facial structure! They look light and natural, making them perfect for a simple everyday makeup moment or a dreamy date night look.

Creating fluffy brows is easy with my Supermodel Brow secrets! Everyone can effortlessly get the fluffy brow look by using Legendary Brows brow gel, my expert, easy-to-use tinted brow gel which gives the brows tint and texture. The water-resistant, conditioning formula coats every hair with the micro-precision brush for an instant, fluffy brow effect!

Your next must-have for fluffy brows is Brow Fix! This is my expert, long-lasting clear brow gel that can be used to sculpt the look of your brows into a fluffier shape while providing extra hold.

Tilbury Tip: If you naturally have thin or sparse brows, you may wish to add some fullness to your eyebrows before using Legendary Brows and Brow Fix! To do this, simply use Brow Cheat to draw micro strokes which mimic the look of brow hairs in sparse areas.


Whether you have thin or sparse brows and want to add some fullness, or you love to embrace your naturally full brows, my Supermodel Brow secrets can create a full brow look in minutes! Wear a full brow from day, to desk, to date, to night - a full, supermodel-inspired brow never goes out of style, darlings!

For a full brow look, your makeup must-haves are Brow Lift & Brow Cheat! These expert eyebrow pencils add fullness, definition and shape to your brows without creating a blocky, overdrawn look. Begin with Brow Lift - my brow sword for a fuller-looking shape - and follow with Brow Cheat, using the slim tip to create the appearance of fuller-looking brow hairs.

Shade7 BlackBrown CloseUp AFTER



The feathered brow look is popular for its soft, flattering effect. With this brow look, hairs are gently defined while looking wispy and natural which makes it a perfect choice for everyday makeup. Feathered brows effortlessly complement minimal makeup and soft glam looks, helping to frame every face shape without drawing too much attention. They’re understatedly beautiful and easy to create with just a hint of brow gel.

Get the look: Use Legendary Brows brow gel to tint your brows and give them a flattering, feathered effect. Guide the micro-tip brush through the brows, coating each hair in a shade that closely matches your roots.


For a super simple natural-looking brow, simply comb through your brows and apply a tinted or clear brow gel to groom and define the look of your brow hairs. This easy technique helps brows to look lightly manicured without adding a lot of product, making it a quick-and-easy option that's perfect for no makeup days.

If you prefer an eyebrow pencil as your makeup product of choice, I recommend using 2 different shades to achieve a more natural brow! This is because naturally, your brows play with light and shade in how the hairs grow. Begin with a lighter shade in Brow Lift to add initial shape and definition, and then follow with one shade darker in Brow Cheat to add texture; this adds dimension, texture and a more natural-looking finish.

Brow Fix Model

More Eyebrow Looks To Try

Arched Brows

Creating the perfect arch can do wonders for your eyebrow makeup, darlings! Whether you prefer a dramatic or soft eyebrow look, arched brows are classically flattering and can help to define the look of every eye shape. Giving your brows an elegant arch can maximise the amount of lid space for you to apply your eye makeup onto and the upward angle can contour the look of your eye shape for an eye-lift effect.

Get the look: You can create an arched brow shape with an eyebrow pencil like Brow Lift. Use the spoolie to brush brow hairs upwards, then sketch out a fine line underneath the brow to create your perfect arch.

Tilbury Tip: Accentuate your arched brows by highlighting the brow bone with my Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter. Apply highlighter under the arched portion of your brows with the [Eye Blender Brush](/product/eye-blender-brush0 to lift and exaggerate the look of your brows.

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Bleached-Look Brows

Lots of breath-taking editorial shoots incorporate bleached brows to create ethereal beauty looks. Fading the look of your eyebrows allows your eye makeup to become bigger and bolder; bleaching your brows is one way to get this look, but you can also use makeup to create bleached-looking brows, darlings. If you are wanting this effect for a specific photo or moment, I recommend passing on the peroxide and using concealer to get temporarily bleached-look brows.

Get the look: On an eyebrow spoolie, take Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer and comb back and forth through your brows. Once each hair is coated, take a lighter shade on my Eye Liner Brush and create short strokes that give the appearance of individual bleached hairs.

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Bushy Brows

The aim of bushy brows is to lightly groom your brow hairs while leaving them appearing untouched and naturally voluminous. If you have fuller eyebrows, embrace them by brushing them upwards and letting them take on a less precise shape. This creates a relaxed, effortless, easy-to-wear brow look that’s reminiscent of bushy-browed beauties on the big screen.

Get the look: With my Brow Cheat brow pencil, take the spoolie end and brush the brows upwards to make them appear fuller and bushier. Then, take the pencil end and define the arch and tail. For a messier look, use the spoolie to brush hairs back and forth for a less uniform brow. Once you’re happy with your bushy brow shape, use Brow Fix clear brow gel to help fix them into place.

Tilbury Tip: If you have sparse brows, use a couple of shades of my Brow Cheat brow pencil to create hair-like strokes through your brows. This will create the illusion of fuller, bushier brows while retaining a natural look.

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Laminated-Look Brows

Brow lamination is a popular beauty treatment that helps to lift and smooth the appearance of brows, and you can get a similar effect by applying a sculpting-effect brow gel. Laminated brows got their name from their flattened appearance; the treatment helps to accentuate the look of each hair while helping them lay in the most flattering, full-looking brow shape. A strong-hold gel will have a similar effect, helping to laminate or secure brows into place.

Get the look: Take a clear brow gel like Brow Fix and brush through the brows using upward motions. Use the brush to sculpt hairs into place and create the appearance of brow lamination.

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Ombré Brows

The ombré brow trend has taken over social media, darlings. Beauties everywhere are giving their brows a dip-dyed look using two or more shades of eyebrow makeup. The goal with ombré brows is to make the inner portion of your brows lighter than the tail of your brows for a subtle ombré effect. By using multiple shades of eyebrow powder or pencil, you can create a flattering gradient that complements your natural hair colour while creating a dreamy, dimensional brow look.

Get the look: Select two or three shades of Brow Lift eyebrow pencil, using the lightest shade at the front of your brows and the darkest shade at the tail of your brows. Create natural-looking hair strokes until the colours blend seamlessly together.

Tilbury Tip: Running Legendary Brows brow gel through your eyebrows will help to blend the different shades together to create a smooth, natural-looking ombré.

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Thin Brows

Flash back to the 90s by creating the perfect pencil-thin brow look! This nostalgic eyebrow style is reminiscent of iconic supermodels; skinny brows frame the look of your face while looking understated and pared back. In the 90s, brows were over-plucked to get this runway-ready brow look, but you can unlock the pencil-thin brow look with a spoolie and micro-precision pencil with zero plucking required!

Get the look: Use the spoolie end of Brow Cheat to brush brow hairs outwards to create a thinner brow shape, then create light hair strokes to perfect your look before locking it in with Brow Fix clear brow gel.

Discover more decade-inspired looks


Darlings, you can get my signature Supermodel Brows in 3 easy steps! FILL with Brow Lift and/or Brow Cheat, FEATHER with Legendary Brows and FIX with Brow Fix for a flattering, defined, perfectly shaped brow that looks good on everyone!

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My signature Supermodel Brow is FULL, FLUFFY, FEATHERED and FIXED. It's a MODERN, FLATTERING BROW SHAPE that stays in place ALL DAY and will SUIT EVERYONE! Whether you have sparse, thick, faded or thin brows, I have bottled the beauty secrets to SUPERMODEL BROWS and your ultimate BROW TRANSFORMATION at home with my EASY-TO-USE products! FILL, FEATHER, FIX & LIFT your BROWS to LIFT & ENHANCE the LOOK of your FACIAL STRUCTURE in minutes!

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