What Is The Lipstick Tree?

Discover the ingredient that makes our lipsticks magic! Find out what the lipstick tree is and how it is used in our matte and glossy lipsticks.

The Lipstick Tree is a small tree originating in the Americas, more commonly known as the achiote tree. This plant has many uses, historically being used in culinary dishes and as a food colouring. It is also used in lipstick, which is how it came to get its name. The Lipstick Tree has bright red seeds which have been used for years as a body paint, which makes it the perfect ingredient to help colour lipstick!

lipstick tree


Matte Revolution

For a modern twist to your lip look, try the award-winning matte formula. Apply straight from the square-tipped bullet for a fresh matte lipstick look.


Get a classic, buildable lip with the creamy K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula. Choose from nude, berry, pink and red shades to find the perfect lip for you.


  1. An open, lip liner trio in taupe-brown, nude pink, and berry pink shades.

    Step 1: Apply matching lip liner

    Start your lipstick look with a matching lip liner. The Lip Cheat range is ideal for creating fuller, wider-looking lips with a resized, reshaped and redefined pout.

  2. A lipstick trio with metallic, golden-coloured packaging and in shades of red, orange, and nude pink.

    Step 2: Apply lipstick

    Apply lipstick straight from the bullet, or use a Lip Brush for a precise finish. The Matte Revolution bullet is shaped to apply precisely to your lips, whilst the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks will leave you with kissably-soft lips.

  3. An open lip gloss in a peachy-pink colour with its doe foot applicator next to it.

    Step 3: Apply Lip gloss

    Dial up your lipstick look with a Lip Lustre lip gloss for the perfect desk to disco lip!

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