Discover NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist

Introducing my NEW! oxygenating rescue essence to add to your magic skincare routine – Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist.

Darlings, give your skin an immediate hydration boost with NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist! Inspired by the rejuvenating powers of an oxygen facial, this magical mist is my supercharged, oxygenating skin saviour that refreshes the look of dehydrated skin and delivers an instant dewy glow on the go!

Discover everything you need to know about my NEW! face mist including the hydrating ingredients that make it magic; why it will help you refresh in the heat this summer; and why it's an unmissable step in your beauty routine.

The Whole World is Dehydrated!

The whole world is tired and the whole world is dehydrated - digital fatigue, air con, travel - and the first place it shows is on your skin! Now, I have bottled the skin reviving powers of an OXYGEN FACIAL and the hydration of an ENERGISING ESSENCE into a GLOW-BOOSTING, HYDRATING MIST for IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL!

As a makeup artist and skincare performance expert, I know that dehydration is the cause of so many skin concerns such as fine lines, dullness and a change in skin texture! Working with my world-leading laboratories and in-house scientists, I wanted to create a GRAB-AND-GO HYDRATING FACIAL MIST for RESULTS YOU’LL SEE FEEL + BELIEVE!

Darlings, MY MAGIC SPRAY SAVES THE DAY! It helps to save your skin from dehydration - including the dehydrating effects of humidity and heat - and it helps to save your skin from the harmful effects of URBAN POLLUTION!

All of my Hollywood clients are obsessed with this - it’s in every celebrity clutch! I’ve been using it UNDER + OVER makeup backstage for months to create my famous MAGIC SKIN GLOW in seconds! Now, I’m so excited to finally share my secret with the world!!

So, darlings, it’s time to BEAT THE HEAT THIS SUMMER with my MAGIC HYDRATOR MIST!



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The Magic Ingredients in Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist

HYALURONIC MESH: Provides pollution defence that shields the skin from environmental pollutants as well as immediate, long-lasting hydration.

ENERGISING KOMBU EXTRACT: Works to visibly diminish the signs of digital fatigue, leaving skin looking smoother, firmer and younger.

GLOWING GLYCERIN: Draws moisture from the atmosphere to hydrate and soften the feel of skin.

BRIGHTENING NIACINAMIDE: Brightens the look of the complexion and reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone while helping to lock in moisture.

Why You NEED Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist

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Instant Hydration + Oxygenation

Darlings, Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is my oxygenating instant skin saviour! I wanted to bottle the rejuvenating effects of an oxygen facial to give the skin instant, revitalising hydration, and so, my NEW! face mist was born!

I formulated this magical mist with a powerful hyaluronic acid matrix, helping to flood the skin with moisture while misting comfortably and effortlessly onto the face. Trials show that applying Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist leaves skin 2x more hydrated in just 1 hour* - it’s an instant moisture fix for refreshing and reviving the complexion and leaves skin looking smoother and more radiant.

Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is a radiant skin rescue essence that belongs in your immediate skin revival routine! Mist on the magic morning and evening after cleansing to hydrate and oxygenate the complexion and apply throughout the day to give the face a refreshing burst of moisture on-the-go.

Glow On-the-Go

Whether you’re busy running errands or jetting off on an island escape, Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is the destination for your instant dewy glow on-the-go! This radiance-boosting formula is designed to spritz onto the face to give the complexion a quick and easy, dewy-looking glow. It’s perfect for slipping into your beach bag or briefcase ready to MIST, GLOW and GO!

NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is the secret to glowing, hydrated skin wherever and whenever! It refreshes, revitalises and hydrates the look and feel of skin, applying beautifully underneath and on top of makeup for an instant radiance boost! Mist on the magic, darling, and you’ll never want to travel without it again!

Refresh in the Heat

Whether it’s summertime where you are or you live in a particularly hot climate, Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is the way to beat the heat! The magical mist feels luxurious and refreshing to apply, helping to hydrate the face when you’re feeling hot, bothered and in need of an instant moisture fix.

Applying Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist to cleansed skin is an uplifting way to start your morning, but the magic doesn’t stop there, darlings! This skin-quenching mist is formulated to work underneath and over the top of makeup! Mist on the magic before you apply your makeup, then top up throughout the day to refresh your face without worrying about makeup melting or moving around.

Pollution Defence + Reducing Signs of Digital Fatigue

I know how busy you are, darlings, and that can take a toll on your skin! Whether you’re rushing around the city or spending a lot of time in front of a screen, these daily stressors can be harmful to your skin. When formulating Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist, I selected skin-shielding ingredients that help to defend against urban pollution and digital fatigue.

Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is formulated to visibly reduce the signs of digital fatigue and is infused with Hyaluronic Mesh to protect the skin from daily pollutants. Misting my magical formula onto the face helps signs of digital fatigue appear reduced by 88%**, as well as providing crucial pollution defence to make sure every day is a magic skin day.

Darlings, Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is your NEW! must-have face mist! It’s the secret to an instant, dewy-looking glow on-the-go – anytime, anywhere! Just MIST, GLOW and GO for refreshed, radiant-looking skin in seconds.

*Tested on 15 people

**Tested on 33 people over 28 days

Hyaluronic Mesh is a trademark of BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS.

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