Help Boost Your Confidence: A wellbeing routine that makes you feel amazing inside and out

Discover uplifting tips and tricks to help boost your wellbeing from Integrative Nutrition Health Coach @ The Endearing Project, Margareta Serfozo.

Evidence shows that humans love and thrive on routines. They help us stay organised, meet deadlines and feel accomplished, boosting our self-confidence by giving us a daily sense of achievement. When it comes to making lasting lifestyle changes, research shows that creating a routine to form new habits is highly efficient. Here are three tips to help you creating your very own routine that will set you up for success.

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Discover 3 Ways To Mindfully Boost Confidence, Every Day

1. Prioritise your wellbeing

To establish a well-rounded routine, assess different aspects of your life. Set aside quiet moments for self-reflection around areas of your wellbeing that need to be prioritised such as - nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, spirituality, social connections or quality sleep. Don’t forget, it's essential to nourish not only your body, but also your mind and soul. A recent literature review showed a consistent positive relationship between physical activity and happiness. Similarly, new study shows that mindfulness is linked to reduced anxiety and improved self-esteem. Moreover, social connections, not only extend lifespan but also enhance self-esteem and a sense of belonging. No matter where your priorities lie, studies indicate that adopting healthier lifestyle choices, including nourishing your body with whole foods and spending time in nature can not only benefit your mental wellbeing but may also contribute to boosting your self-confidence.

2. Design a routine that works for you

The aim is to establish an achievable routine that ensures success. I recommend focusing on two or three lifestyle changes over a twelve- weeks period. Despite the tendency to rush into lifestyle changes, research suggests that gradual, incremental adjustments that are built around your current diary lead to more lasting results. Check your schedule for suitable times to implement new changes. For instance, if home-cooked meals are priorities, schedule dedicated times in your diary for planning menus and creating shopping lists. If exercise is a goal, maybe start with short at-home sessions on days you’re working from home, join a friend for an evening workout, or set up a running club at work. Many times I see people not achieving their goals, because they haven’t created realistic expectations or a routine that worked for them. Be pragmatic and start with small, achievable changes that fit well into your current routine and stay consistent every week.

3. Celebrate your achievements

In our fast-paced lives, we often hurry to the next task. Once you've established priorities, habits and a workable routine, take time to enjoy those new habits and celebrate small victories. Perfection isn't immediate, so perseverance is crucial. Continue and acknowledge your progress. Celebrating achievements boosts self-esteem, reconnects us with our identity and keeps us grounded. Treat yourself to a dinner, a new book, or a brand new lipstick in a shade that amplifies your natural beauty.

To conclude, research consistently supports the profound impact of wellbeing routines on self-confidence. Whether through physical activity, mindfulness practices, or the support of a community, investing time in one's wellbeing not only nurtures the body but also fosters a resilient and positive mindset, laying the foundation for strong self-confidence in the face of life's challenges. Reflect on your journey, celebrate yourself and be kind to yourself when things aren't flawless. Remember– you are magical!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for routine recommendations and the information, or comments herein, does not amount to, or replace, professional advice and should not be relied upon as professional or medical advice.

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Margareta Serfozo

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Corporate Mental Health Facilitator

Specialising in women's health and fertility, Margareta created The Endearing Project to support, guide and enable her clients to follow their own path to wellbeing through lifestyle and behavioural guidance, and wellness, health and fertility coaching.

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