What are Cryogenics? The Benefits of Ice-Tech & Cooling Skincare Products Inspired by Cryotherapy Facials

Celebrities, supermodels, and experts LOVE Charlotte’s Magic Cream, Charlotte’s backstage secret for gorgeous, plumper looking skin, but Charlotte has now revealed another time-honored beauty trick — ice!

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Called cryogenics in the beauty world, ice is a traditional beauty secret, and now you can dive in and experience these benefits for yourself with Charlotte’s NEW! CRYOTHERAPY-INSPIRED innovations Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum and Cryo-Recovery Face Mask! Together, they brighten and depuff the look of skin with a miracle cooling effect that shrinks the look of pores and defines the look of contours for a youthful-looking glow!

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Skin Icing

Ice is one of Charlotte’s backstage secrets to revive and transform the look of the skin that appears tired, puffy or dull, so that it appears brighter, firmer, smoother and glowing!

Derived from the old-Hollywood tricks of ice baths, cold showers and chilled teaspoons as a beauty booster, icing creates an effect to make the complexion look lit from within!

As Charlotte says, “When I use ice on myself, I instantly feel the magic working and when I look in the mirror, my skin looks smoother, redness looks reduced, and pores look smaller! Cheekbones appear sculpted and the jawline appears more defined!”

Taking inspiration from cryotherapy, Charlotte even incorporates ice into her celebrity facials, massaging ice cubes, frozen tools and ice packs across the skin for a healthy-looking glow with added cooling benefits.

Does Ice help dark circles?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Does ice help dark circles?” yes! Cryotherapy-inspired, cooling skincare products can help make eyes look depuffed and brighter! The secret? NEW! Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum!

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NEW! Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum

Charlotte’s NEW! 3-in-1 targeted solution for eyes that appear fresher, brighter and wide awake in an instant is like an ENERGISING ALARM CLOCK FOR YOUR EYES!

This Instant EYE-AWAKENING-EFFECT eye serum instantly cools, depuffs and awakens the look of eyes, while targeting fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles so the eye area appears lifted, smoother and firmer!

The expertly moulded, skin-cooling metal tip fits into the eye contour to give a cooling sensation on the skin, allowing you to massage the entire eye area as you apply!

Tilbury Tip: For an EXTRA cooling effect, store your Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum in the refrigerator!

Charlotte’s Cooling Skincare to Lift the Look of Your Skin

Your eye area isn’t the only area that can benefit from ice! Using a cooling, cryotherapy-inspired face mask can help to lift, define and sculpt the appearance of your skin for a firmer, plumper, refreshed looking complexion!

4x3 cryo mask

NEW! Cryo-Recovery Face Mask

Inspired by the high-performance ice-tech of the cryotherapy facial and the ancient art of facial acupressure techniques, Charlotte’s NEW! Cryo-Recovery Face Mask works in synergy with Charlotte’s research-powered skincare to create the appearance of lifted, firmer, refreshed, and revived skin!

Charlotte has worked with world-leading laboratories to harness the cooling, smoothing, depuffing effect of supercharged ice-derived extracts and cooling application methods!

Crafted from a flexible, skin-cushioning silicone that allows you to lift and secure this around your facial contours, it is embedded with advanced cooling gel bead pockets that expertly retain cold, helping to relax the facial muscles, constrict the blood vessels and create a lifting, tightening effect. It targets your forehead, cheekbones, nasolabial lines and under the chin to smooth, lift, tighten and refresh the look of the skin in minutes!

  1. A white-coloured face mask outer packaging in the shape of a large envelope.


    Place mask in freezer for APPROXIMATELY 30 minutes before use, folded inside the protective pouch.

  2. An open luminous, ivory-coloured serum in an opened glass bottle with its dropper beside it.


    Remove mask from pouch and place the gel side onto clean skin or after applying your Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum and Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir.

  3. Fair-tone brunette model removing a reusable, white-coloured mask, revealing glowy, flawless, and lifted skin.


    Secure the top Velcro straps around the back of your head.

  4. Fair-tone model with mature skin applying a reusable, white-coloured mask, that ensures glowy, flawless, and lifted skin.


    Pull the bottom Velcro straps upwards and secure on top of your head and ensure mask feels comfortable.

  5. Fair-tone, brunette model applying a reusable, white-coloured mask, that ensures glowy, flawless, and lifted skin.


    Relax for up to 10 minutes, massaging the metal beads into pressure points if desired.

  6. Deep-tone brunette model removing a reusable, white-coloured mask, revealing glowy, flawless, and lifted skin.


    Remove mask and wipe clean. Store in pouch ready for next use, then follow with Charlotte’s Magic skincare.

Please note: Freezer temperatures may vary. If the product is left in the freezer for longer than 30 mins, please wait approximately 10 mins (or approximately 15 mins for sensitive skin) before applying to the face. Use with caution. Do not use on broken, irritated or sensitive skin or on top of medication rubbed into the skin. Should you experience any discomfort at any stage, remove the mask immediately. If the redness persists then please seek medical advice. Discard mask once you see signs of tarnishing & discolouration over time.

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Darlings, FREEZE TIME with ICE-POWER! Discover Charlotte’s NEW! cryotherapy inspired Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum and Cryo-Recovery Face Mask and watch your skin WAKE UP!

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