Self-Care Body Care Routine

Indulge in a self-care body care routine using my nourishing body care products including NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream.

Darlings, a body care routine is essential for achieving MAGIC skin from head to toe! I always say that SKINCARE is SELF-CARE, and our bodies deserve the same attention that we give to the skin on our faces!

Whether you’re preparing for a magical evening out or want to give your body some extra Tilbury Loving Care before you start your day, discover how to perform a blissful body skin care routine using my body care innovations and help you to LOOK and FEEL your best!

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Discover My Body Skin Care Routine

Every body care routine should start with freshly cleansed skin, and there’s no more indulgent way to begin than with a long soak. A gentle bubble bath with warm water and sensorial essential oils is a mood-boosting ritual that promotes relaxation and self-care - you deserve it, darling!

Once you’ve towel-dried and are feeling refreshed and revitalised, here are some self-care steps to add to your body care ritual that will help to HYDRATE and NOURISH your skin while giving you a FULL-BODY GLOW!

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    Step 1: Moisturise Dry Patches with Body Balm

    Your body care routine should focus on moisturising your body for overall skin health, helping it to feel smooth, supple and hydrated. Some body parts can be particularly prone to dryness such as the elbows, hands and knees, so I recommend applying a skin-saving body balm as a part of your body care routine that helps to nourish and moisturise dry patches.

    Multi-Miracle Glow is my multi-purpose, moisture-boosting balm that envelops the face and body with supercharged skincare ingredients such as rosehip oil, camellia oil and vitamins A, C and E. Formulated to help NOURISH, BRIGHTEN and MOISTURISE the LOOK and FEEL of skin, this rescue balm is perfect for massaging into areas that feel dry for targeted moisturisation as well as across the shoulders, arms, legs and chest to give them a gorgeous glow.

    Tilbury Tip: You can also use Multi-Miracle Glow as a cleansing at-home facial or a nourishing overnight face mask.

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  2. Charlotte's Magic Body Cream hydrates, lifts, smooths, firms and tones the look and feel of skin

    Step 2: Hydrate Head to Toe with Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream

    To HYDRATE, LIFT and TONE the LOOK and FEEL of your body, choose NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream as the body moisturiser in your body care routine! Inspired by my ICONIC, AWARD-WINNING Charlotte’s Magic Cream, my NEW! body care innovation is enriched with body-targeting ingredients ALGAKTIV™ Uplift Technology™ and energising caffeine complex to improve the look and feel of skin on your body with every application, while delivering the lit-from-within glow that you know and love from my ORIGINAL Magic Cream.

    After you’ve moisturised your face with my AWARD-WINNING Charlotte’s Magic Cream, apply Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream onto dry, cleansed skin from the tops of your shoulders to the tips of your toes using my Magic Massage technique. The rich body cream glides effortlessly across the body, absorbing quickly and delivering INSTANT hydration. On application, skin FEELS SMOOTH and NOURISHED while body contours APPEAR LIFTED and skin LOOKS GLOWING!


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  3. Supermodel Body is Charlotte's body highlighter for shimmering supermodel skin

    Step 3: Apply Body Illuminator for Supermodel Skin

    Now that your body care routine has left your skin LOOKING and FEELING magically moisturised, it’s time to give your body a SUPERSTAR GLOW with Supermodel Body! I created my hydrating body illuminator to bottle the GORGEOUS, GLOSSY-LOOKING SKIN that’s a mainstay in magazines and on the runway. The shimmering formula illuminates the look of the arms, legs and chest, catching the light to create the look of gleaming, supermodel skin.

    Easy to apply for an instant glow, Supermodel Body is a roll-on body illuminator that applies smoothly and evenly. Follow the contours of your body and unlock SUPERMODEL SHEEN, using your fingers to blend the formula out for a second-skin effect. Just like that, your skin will glow like RUNWAY ROYALTY!

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  4. Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer is a glowy cream bronzer infused with hyaluronic acid

    Step 4: Sculpt and Glow with Bronzer and Highlighter

    Darlings, to dial up your body glow, you can use my bronzers and highlighters as the final step in your body care routine to SCULPT and ILLUMINATE the LOOK of your features! For beautifully bronzed skin, sweep Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer onto the body for a beachy-bronzed glow, or choose Airbrush Bronzer to create the look of matte, sun-tanned skin. Then, to add flattering highlights to the shoulders and décolletage, apply your perfect shade of Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter using the Powder & Sculpt Brush to make them POP!

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Darlings, body care is self-care! My body care routine is designed to care for the skin on your body while helping you to LOOK and FEEL your most beautiful! Take the time to follow these body care rituals and help your skin to feel healthy and hydrated with a SUPERMODEL GLOW!

*Tested on 35 people over 8 weeks.

ALGAKTIV™ is the trademark of GREENALTECH S.L.

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