How To Wear Rhinestone Eye Makeup Looks

Make your eyes glimmer and glow with my magical guide to rhinestone eye makeup looks.

Darlings, the twinkle in your eyes will shine even brighter when you’re wearing a magical rhinestone eye makeup look! Whether you’re creating shining party eyes for the holidays; a magical pride makeup look; or adding sparkle to your haunting Halloween look, express yourself darlings and discover how to transform the look of your makeup with a rainbow of rhinestones!

How To Create a Rhinestone Eye Makeup Look

Darlings, my magical niece Sofia Tilbury used rhinestones backstage at the Harris Reed runway show where she was the lead makeup artist. Discover the video below where Sofia and Harris recreated a magical rhinestone eyeliner look that was worn on the runway.

7 Rhinestone Eye Makeup Looks To Try

Bedazzle your makeup look with pretty little rhinestones, darlings, and your eye makeup will shine oh so bright! Whether you choose prismatic, kaleidoscopic colours; jewel tones like pearly rose quartz or tourmaline black; or clear crystals with diamond-like shine, discover how to apply rhinestones in creative ways that unlock the most magical eye makeup looks.

1. Rhinestone Eyeliner

I adore my classic Feline Flick eyeliner technique, and when it’s paired with a series of dazzling rhinestones it becomes even more captivating. To get the look, apply your winged eyeliner as usual then dot rhinestones along the lash line to give your eyeliner look the most mesmeric effect. I recommend using larger gems in the middle of the lash line to create the appearance of thicker lashes, then using smaller gems on the inner and outer corners to maintain the sharp, well-defined line of your eyeliner.

You can get the rhinestone eyeliner look in classic black by using The Feline Flick and black rhinestones, or you can create a colourful version using my Eye Colour Magic Liner Duos and colourful rhinestones.

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2. Eyeshadow with Rhinestones on Eyelids

To give your eyeshadow look a show-stopping finish, you can apply rhinestones onto the eyelid. Playing with the light and creating a captivating glow, rhinestones work in the same way as eyeshadows to enhance the look of your eyes. Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow look for the occasion, dot clusters of rhinestones onto the lids to dial up your look, or apply them all over for the most magical, reflective glow!

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3. On the Inner and Outer Corners

For a less-is-more rhinestone makeup look, you can accentuate the look of your eyes by adding gems to the inner or outer corners. Adding a twinkling rhinestone to your inner corners has the same eye-brightening effect as applying an inner corner highlighter, so choose a diamond-like gem and apply it close to your tear duct for instant, eye-popping sparkle. You can also add one or two rhinestones in your outer corner and towards the top of your cheekbones; place them along the underside of your eyeliner to emphasise its sharp wing or above the cheek like a bedazzled beauty mark!

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4. Cut Crease with Rhinestones

A cut crease eyeshadow look is the perfect opportunity to dial up the gems, darlings! Cut crease looks have a defined line that forms a perfect arch for adding your dazzling rhinestones! Place your chosen rhinestones along the crease to give your eye makeup a sparkling finishing touch. When applying your rhinestones, make sure you carefully place them at even intervals along the crease for the most flattering effect.

5. Along the Lower Lash Line

Adding rhinestones along the lower lash line is an effective way to brighten the look of your eyes! A rhinestone or two in the centre of the lash line can beautifully capture the light and enhance the sparkle of your natural eye colour. After applying a jet-black mascara like Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara to your lower lashes, carefully place rhinestones on the lash line being careful to avoid contact with eyes.

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6. Along the Brow Bone

Rhinestones can look magical along the brow bone, darlings! After you’ve created a mesmerising eye makeup look, your brow bone is the perfect real estate for adding a couple of twinkling gems that help to light up the look of your eyes. Whether you follow the tail of your brow or place one or two radiant rhinestones underneath the arch of your brow, apply your face gems to flatter and accentuate the shape of your brows while adding playful, eye-catching sparkle.

7. Rhinestone Eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your face, darlings, and adding rhinestones is a recipe for sparkling success! First, fill in your eyebrows following my fill, feather and fix Supermodel Brows routine, then add gorgeous gems for dazzling dimension. You can add rhinestones within your brow shape or create an arch of glistening gems above your natural eyebrows for a futuristic and festival-ready look.

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How To Apply Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Now that you’re inspired to create rhinestone eye makeup looks, discover my tips and tricks on how to apply rhinestone makeup to help them stay in place and sparkle all night!

What You’ll Need:

  • Skin and Eye Safe Rhinestones
  • Dotting Tool
  • Eyelash Glue

How To Apply Rhinestone Eye Makeup

1. Visualise Your Rhinestone Placement

Applying rhinestones is an art, darlings, so before you do, it’s important to visualise where you want to glue them down. Complete the rest of your face and eye makeup to get a clear idea of the finished look, then consider the most flattering placements for your rhinestones.

2. Squeeze Glue Onto A Card

It’s easier to dip your rhinestones into your glue than it is to apply glue directly to the back of your rhinestones. Reach for a piece of card or paper and apply a small amount of eyelash glue – this will give you an easy surface to pick up your glue from and will be simple to dispose of any mess.

3. Pick Up Your Rhinestone with the Dotting Tool

Instead of using your fingers, I recommend reaching for a dotting tool to pick up your rhinestones. This will give you more control over your placement and will help avoid getting glue on your fingers. Remember to pick up your rhinestones face up so that you apply glue to the correct side.

4. Press the Rhinestone into the Glue

You don’t need a lot of glue to get your rhinestones to stick, darlings. It’s important to get enough glue on your rhinestone so that it becomes tacky; the trick is to keep the glue minimal and in the centre as excess glue can spill out from underneath and disturb your makeup. Once your rhinestone has a sufficient amount of glue, wait 60 seconds for the glue to become tacky and ready to adhere.

5. Place the Rhinestone onto your Face

Looking into a mirror, lightly press the rhinestone onto your face in your desired placement. Imagine the look you want to create and - being mindful of facial symmetry - add your rhinestones to create sparkling focal points for your look.

6. Hold in Place for a Few Seconds

After you’ve applied your rhinestone, lightly press it into the skin with your dotting tool and hold it in place for a few seconds. This will give the glue time to bond with your skin and will help with the longevity of your rhinestone eye makeup look. Once applied, avoid touching any rhinestones you apply as this can cause them to come loose and drop off.

More Rhinestone Eye Makeup Tips

Rhinestone Eye Makeup model shot

What Kind of Glue Do You Use for Rhinestones?

When applying rhinestones to your face, you should use an eyelash glue or eye and skin safe glitter glue that will help gently stick them into place. Stronger adhesives like nail glue are not meant to be used on your skin; instead, you should use a small amount of eyelash or glitter glue and always avoid contact with the eyes.

Can You Reuse Face Gems?

Yes – you can reuse your face rhinestones. After each use, you should clean your rhinestones and remove any remaining glue. You might find that gems appear less sparkly after multiple uses, and so you may prefer to reach for a fresh set.

Do You Apply Face Jewels Before or After Makeup?

I recommend applying your complexion and eye makeup before applying rhinestones. Rhinestones are the crown jewels of your eye look darlings; by applying your eyeshadow and eyeliner first, you establish a clear direction for your eye makeup look and can identify the most flattering placements for your rhinestones.