Treat the special someone in your life to a magical Mother’s Day spa day at home! Discover tips, tricks and skincare secrets!

This Mother’s Day, pamper your mother, grandma or other special someone with an at-home spa day! Unlock the secrets to MAGIC SKIN with Charlotte’s tips, tricks and high-performance skincare icons!

Whether you’re sharing Mother’s Day with your mother at home or want to send a collection of beauty essentials to her door, these skincare secrets are must-haves for a MAGICAL, relaxing experience!


  1. Model wearing step 1 of the goddess cleansing ritual


    A magical Mother’s Day spa day begins with a fresh-looking, spa-cleansed complexion! Goddess Cleansing Ritual is the perfect cleansing duo to cleanse and deeply purify the skin to reveal fresh, brighter looking skin! Goddess Cleansing Ritual features a Citrus Oil Cleanser and Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser and is Charlotte’s ultimate ‘spa-in-a-jar’ skincare secret!

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  2. Light-tone model with brown eyes and mature, smooth, flawless, and glowy glass skin holding a white-coloured tube of a wash-off exfoliating mask.


    Next, resurface, exfoliate, add radiance and hydrate skin with Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial! This dual-action acid exfoliator helps to exfoliate and cocoon the skin in hydration to reveal smoother, youthful looking skin with an instant gleaming glow!

    Apply a generous layer to the skin and leave it on to work its MAGIC for up to 20 minutes! This is the perfect time to enjoy a magical Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch! After the 20 minutes is up, rinse off with warm water and you’re ready for your next magical spa day step!

    Appearance of pigmentation & age spots reduced by 73%!*

    Tilbury Tip: If you have not used acids in your magic skincare routine before, Charlotte recommends leaving Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial on your skin for just 5 minutes for your first application, increasing the time by 5 minutes week-by-week until you reach the recommended full 20 minutes!

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  3. A clay mask in a shiny, ivory-coloured bottle with rose-gold coloured text on it and its rose-gold-coloured lid next to it.


    A clay mask is essential for a Mother’s Day spa day! Charlotte’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask is the secret to softer, smoother, brighter looking skin! Apply this award-winning mask to treat your skin to MAGIC ingredients like Spanish Clay and Sweet Almond Oil that help to refine, moisturise and brighten the appearance of the complexion!

    Apply a thin layer all over your face and sit back and relax for 10 minutes! Then, rinse off with warm water and a flannel to reveal baby-soft skin.

    85% agree skin appears BRIGHTER**

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  4. A luminous face serum in a glass bottle with a dropper, all in a white and gold colour-scheme with glowing white crystals all around.


    The next step in your Mother’s Day spa day routine is to apply a magic, high-performance serum to your skin! Charlotte recommends her Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, a supercharged, hydrating serum for immediate effects and lasting action! Suitable for all skin types, this face serum is enriched with magic ingredients like REPLEXIUM® for younger-looking skin, Golden Vitamin C for a brighter-looking complexion, and hydration powerhouse Polyglutamic Acid.

    Apply 4-6 drops in the palms of your hand and massage into the skin until absorbed.

    97% agree skin feels INTENSELY HYDRATED!***

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ROBINA HERO 1080x1080px

For an extra pampering experience, apply Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir using skincare expert Georgia Louise Vassanelli’s massage technique!

Step 1: Begin by pressing the formula into your skin working in outward motions. The PRESS & RELEASE technique is known to help to boost lymphatic drainage and in turn help to eliminate toxins.

Step 2: Next, massaging in a shimmering waves motion to warm up your muscles and help your skin absorb the serum. Work upwards and outwards for the best results!

Step 3: Complete the massage with a ‘tapping’ motion that’s known to boost microcirculation for a radiant, healthy-looking glow!


MOISTURISE WITH MAGIC! Begin with Magic Eye Rescue, Charlotte’s award-winning, revitalising eye cream to brighten the appearance of dark circles! Apply using your ring finger under your eyes and across your brow bone.

Next, apply Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser over your whole face using Charlotte’s 5 Minute Tilbury Tap facial massage technique!

Step 1: Boost your complexion! Starting from the lower cheek, sweep cream out & up. Tap fingertips across cheeks avoiding eye contour.

Step 2: Define contours! Place fingers under cheekbones, then smooth outwards and upwards along cheekbones.

Step 3: Define jawline! Gently pinch chin with your fingers, moving up your jawline in one sweeping motion.

Step 4: Smooth Forehead! Starting in the middle of the forehead, massage in circular motions moving out to the temples. Pat any excess in with your ring finger

Magic Skin Trilogy Cat Box

Magic Cream model application

This ICONIC, award-winning moisturiser is enriched with a magic matrix of ingredients to hydrate, brighten and plump the look of your skin!

Now that you have MAGIC, glowing, dewy looking skin, enjoy the rest of your at-home Mother’s Day spa day! Read a book or magazine, have a bubble bath and treat yourself to a delicious cup of herbal tea or your favourite tipple!

At the end of your relaxing at-home spa day, complete a magical night-time skin ritual by double cleansing with Goddess Cleansing Ritual, applying Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir and moisturising your skin using Magic Night Cream; a rich plumping-effect night cream that’s infused with supercharged ingredients including Vitamin E, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Retinol for a glowing, hydrated complexion by morning!


Finally, supercharge your skin and SOOTHE YOUR SENSES with NEW! Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil! This hydrating face oil is the secret to RENEWED RADIANCE and skin that appears smoother, firmer and healthier!

With a next-generation COLLAGEN matrix to promote a YOUTHFUL LOOKING complexion, moisturising and nourishing oils plus an aromatic blend of ESSENTIAL OILS, this is the perfect way to complete your Mother's Day spa-day!

Facial Oil - Mature Model Image


Darlings, Charlotte's Magic Body Cream is HERE!

Magic Body Cream packshot for blog


Charlotte's Magic Body Cream is a MAGIC body care innovation! It's an INSTANT-TURNAROUND body cream that’s inspired by the AWARD-WINNING, GLOBALLY LOVED cream that started it all, Charlotte’s Magic Cream! The silky-smooth body rejuvenator is powered by a Magic 8 Matrix of supercharged skincare ingredients as well as body-targeted ingredients to help LIFT, FIRM and TONE the look and feel of skin.

It’s a gorgeous gift to unwrap for yourself or to gift to your magical mother just in time for Mother’s Day!

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FREE Multi-Miracle Glow!

Darlings, for Mother's Day, Charlotte is giving the gift of a FULL-SIZED Multi-Miracle Glow when you spend £120 on!* Charlotte's miracle moisturising balm is a gorgeous addition to any at-home spa day, veiling the face and body in nourishing ingredients like vitamin A, C and E to brighten the look of skin and leave it feeling baby-soft. The beautifying rescue balm is perfect for at-home facials and gives the skin a gorgeous Mother's Day GLOW!

Multi-Miracle Glow still life

*Offer runs from Thursday 9th March 3.59am GMT – Monday 20th March 3.59am GMT while stocks last.

*Tested on 30 people with weekly usage over 30 days **224 women tested over 2 weeks ***Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir tested on 209 women & men aged 18-80 over 4 weeks

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