Try-On Makeup Magic with Charlotte’s Magic Mirror Makeup Online Try On!

Discover makeup MAGIC you can try on using Charlotte's Magic Mirror Makeup Online Try On!

How To Virtually Try-On Makeup Magic on…

Discover how to try on MAGIC makeup ICONS with Charlotte’s online Magic Mirror!

  1. Swatches of four, matte and shimmery eyeshadows in shades of copper with a swatch of a nude pink matte lipstick.


    Using your mobile device, discover Charlotte’s makeup treats to try on from the comfort of your home by visiting her Magic Mirror Makeup Online Try On page!

  2. Close-up of a deep-tone model's brown eye with shimmery gold and royal blue eyeshadow with matte and metallic eyeliner in royal blue on the upper eyelid and lower waterline.


    Select the makeup MAGIC you’d like to try on. Choose from eyeshadows to light up your eyes, blush, contour or highlighter to make your cheeks GLOW or lipsticks to perfect your pout.

  3. A button to try on makeup products virtually. Click to try on.


    Click the ‘TRY IT ON ME’ button on the product page and allow camera access. Make sure you are in well-lit surroundings with as much natural light as possible.

  4. Lips close-up of a light-tone model wearing a nude pink matte lipstick with the lipstick held in front of her lips.


    Try it on, darling! Using the magic of Makeup AI, you can virtually try on the DREAMY eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, blush, contour or highlighters that you’ve had on your wish list, to discover how GORGEOUS they look! As you shop on your mobile device, switch between the different shades to find your favourite as you experience the MAGIC of Charlotte’s Magic Mirror Makeup Online Try On!

Discover the Makeup ICONS In Charlotte’s Magic Mirror Makeup Online Try-On

Light Up Your Eyes Eye Colour Magic!

Charlotte’s DREAMY collection of Eye Colour Magic colour-coded eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner duos LIGHT UP YOUR EYES! Whether you’re a blue-eyed bombshell, hazel-eyed honey, brown-eyed beauty or green-eyed goddess, discover the perfect, eye-enhancing shade for you using Charlotte’s Magic Mirror Makeup Try On as you try on the hypnotising hues of Mesmerising Maroon, Super Blue, Green Lights and Copper Charge!

Eye Colour Magic 4:3

4x3 pillow talk creative still life

Discover the MAGICAL World of Pillow Talk, Virtually!

Virtually discover the MAGICAL, DREAMY world of Pillow Talk as you try on pout-perfecting lipsticks, eye-enhancing eyeshadows and glow-giving blushers inspired by the ICONIC, UNIVERSALLY-FLATTERING nude-pink hue of Pillow Talk Original! From the dreamiest nude-pink matte lipstick, to the ultimate eyeshadow palette for a romantic gaze, get ready to try on award-winning, beautifying makeup icons from Charlotte’s Pillow Talk collection!

Get Your GLOW As You Try On Beauty Light Wands!

If you’re looking for a new highlighter, blush or contour wand, discover how Charlotte’s Beauty Light Wand liquid cheek icons create a gorgeous glow and sculpted-looking complexion by trying them on with Charlotte’s Magic Mirror Makeup Online Try On! From the peach-toned liquid highlighter-blush, Peachgasm and the glowing pink Pinkgasm hue, to the candlelit Goldgasm liquid highlighter or complexion-perfecting Hollywood Contour Wand, there’s so much makeup magic to be discovered!

4x3 glowgasm stella

*Charlotte’s Magic Mirror Makeup Online Try On is available on mobile devices and selected products only

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