Magic Foundation vs Light Wonder Foundation

Discover the differences between Charlotte’s magical foundations including coverage, finish and when to wear them!

When you’re searching for a new foundation, it’s not always a straightforward process. There’s so many questions to be asked: What shade? What coverage? Is it going to make me breakout? We hear you. And whilst Charlotte Tilbury have two fantastic foundations available, you can’t wear both at once! We’re breaking down the differences between Magic Foundation and Light Wonder, so that you can make the best choice for your skin.


This full coverage foundation is the best recipe for perfect skin every day. As well as covering blemishes, it evens out redness and has SPF15 for protection against UV damage! Even though this is a full coverage foundation, it still has a breathable formula, so you can wear it out on the town or when you need a bit of extra cover during the day.

Ideal for:

  • Full coverage makeup
  • Date nights, nights out
  • Extra coverage for problem skin, eg. acne, rosacea.
  • Firming up your skin whilst you wear it!

magic foundation

Light Wonder


Who wouldn’t want a lightweight, dreamy foundation for every day wear? The Light Wonder Foundation is your ticket to a hydrated, even complexion, making it perfect for those of you with dry skin or combination skin types. This lightweight formula is great for wearing to work, or even as a lighter alternative to a full coverage date night look.

Ideal for:

  • Lightweight makeup
  • SPF15 for protection against UV damage
  • Super hydration for dry & combination skin types
  • Even, flawless complexion

So you can see that both foundations give you gorgeous coverage, but you can see where they differ in the formulas so you can choose the perfect match for you! We also have a fabulous shade matcher Foundation Finder to make it even easier to match up. With your delivery, you’ll also receive 2 samples of a shade either side of your chosen shade, so if either of these matches you better, you can return your full-sized unopened bottle in exchange for another!

Love Team Tilbury xx


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