How To Choose The Perfect Foundation: Foundation Finder

Find out how to choose the perfect foundation, with our Foundation Finder to colour-match, plus our top tips for choosing your ideal foundation coverage.

Perfect foundation is essential to create a beautiful canvas for your makeup.

Finding the perfect foundation can be a challenging task but it shouldn’t have to be. When buying a foundation, there are a few things to consider. The most important aspect is finding your go-to foundation shade for your skin tone, with the formula being a close runner up.

To help you select your personalised shade, Charlotte has created an easy to use Foundation Finder. Step-by-step questions will guide you to selecting a foundation tailored to your skin needs, coverage and skin tone.

To cover any skin problems, diminish imperfections and reveal a flawless dreamy-looking complexion we have compiled 4 easy steps to follow when selecting the perfect foundation shade and formula...

2x1 how to choose perfect foundation

  1. A medium-tone brunette model with a flawless face base, wearing natural-looking brown-toned makeup.

    Step 1: Check Your Skin in Daylight

    Make sure you check your foundation in daylight to prevent choosing a shade that is too grey, too pink or too orange, depending on your skin undertones.

  2. MAGIC FOUNDATION 9.5 DARK Charlotte Tilbury Model 09.5

    Step 2: Match Your Face & Body

    Match your face to your body! We cleanse, exfoliate and use SPF on our faces, so it's no wonder that we can sometimes have a lighter face than body. Others may find that they have a darker face than their body, especially if they have spent lots of time in the sun.

  3. Magic-Foundation-shade-7-Model

    Step 3: Blend down your neck!

    When applying foundation, never forget your neck. You don’t want to end up with the dreaded tidemark. Blend thoroughly with a foundation brush to avoid a line of makeup.

  4. Three different foundations, two in frosted glass bottles and one in a rectangular, plastic bottle, all with rose gold coloured lids and the iconic CT logo on the bottles.

    Step 4: Think about coverage

    Think about the foundation coverage you would like. If you love long-wear foundation to take you from day to night, then go for a fuller coverage. Or if you prefer a natural makeup look, a light coverage foundation will be perfect for you.

When you order a foundation through us, you can also choose 2 sample shades above and below your chosen colour. If you find a sample matches your skin tone, then we will refund and exchange any unopened full-sized foundation products. So now there's no excuse to be mismatched!

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