How To Bake Your Makeup For Every Day

Read this guide on how to bake your makeup every day using Charlotte's complexion heroes.

It seems like every day there is a new trend in makeup. Charlotte Tilbury made contouring easy for everyone, and now ‘baking’ your makeup is the trend on everybody’s lips. This technique is loved for flawless full glam makeup. However, using the general principles of baking your makeup can be translated for every day wear for flawless-looking skin that still appears lightweight and glowing. Read on to find out how to bake makeup for every day.

The magic behind this? Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder. This revolutionary, light-diffusing loose powder has ingredients to help blur imperfections, visibly reduce the appearance of dark shadows and boost radiance. If you want mattified, smoother-looking skin, then this loose powder is perfect for you.


You have probably seen the baking makeup trend on social media, with a surge of popularity in the last few years. Baking your makeup is the process of applying concealer and loose powder under your eyes for a crease-free, flawless-looking finish. Traditional baking uses a damp sponge to allow the loose powder to sit under your eyes for 5-10 minutes to blend with your foundation and concealer. For every day glam, you can follow our step by step guide for an adapted version of baking that should leave your under-eyes crease-free and brightened, without being too heavy!


  1. Charlotte's Magic Cream preps the skin for baking your makeup with powder

    Step 1: Prep your skin

    Hydrated, moisturised skin is essential for flawless makeup application. Prep your skin with Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser all over your face and neck.

  2. Magic Eye Rescue eye cream nourishes the eye area ready for makeup application

    Step 2: Use Magic Eye Rescue

    Use Magic Eye Rescue dotted under and around your delicate eye area. Tap in with your ring finger to help it absorb into the skin.

  3. Charlotte's light, medium and full-coverage foundations

    Step 3: Apply foundation

    Apply your chosen foundation! Charlotte has created light, medium and full-coverage options to create your dream foundation finish in your perfect shade. For full coverage with a weightless feel, apply Airbrush Flawless Foundation to enjoy a natural-matte finish that stays all day. For luminous, medium-to-buildable coverage, apply Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Foundation to create a beautiful, healthy-looking glow. For lightweight, barely there coverage, choose Light Wonder and get a radiant, skin-like finish.

    Tilbury Tip: When applying foundation, use the larger end of the Hollywood Complexion Brush for a smooth application. Make sure you blend well into your hairline and jawline.

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    Discover your perfect shade with Charlotte's Pro Shade Match Tools

  4. Magic Away full-coverage concealer with lid off

    Step 4: Apply concealer

    Take Magic Away concealer and apply under your eyes, then apply to any redness or blemishes. Blend with your fingers or the smaller end of the Hollywood Complexion Brush.

    Tilbury Tip: If you prefer a medium-buildable option, reach for Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer and slowly build your coverage to create a brightening, lifting effect.

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  5. Swatch of Charlotte's Genius Magic Powder for baking makeup

    Step 5: Apply loose powder

    Using Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder, apply to any shinier areas for a glowing complexion. Then take a Blender Brush and apply the loose powder under your eyes to help avoid creasing.

  6. Blender Brush is Charlotte's fluffy blending brush for brushing away baking powder

    Step 6: Blend powder out

    You can leave the powder to settle for a few minutes. Then use the Blender Brush to blend it out for a flawless-finish to your makeup.

  7. Filmstar Bronze and Glow for bronzing and highlighting the complexion

    Step 7: Contour & highlight

    Finish by contouring and highlighting using the Filmstar Bronze & Glow powder contour palette before completing your eye makeup.


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