How to Apply Highlighter for a Hollywood Glow

Discover Charlotte’s tips and tricks on how to apply highlighter and glow like a Hollywood star!

Darlings, highlighter is the key to unlocking a magical, megawatt glow! Charlotte’s highlighters glide onto the skin, delivering a dreamy, soft-focus finish that makes your features POP! Discover how to apply highlighter using powder, cream and liquid formulas for gorgeous, glowing skin and a red carpet-ready complexion that looks sculpted to perfection!

How to Apply Highlighter

For glow lovers everywhere, highlighter is the most magical step in their makeup routine! Charlotte is known as the QUEEN OF GLOWING SKIN; when dreaming up new beauty glow secrets, her glow manifesto is always to create ultra-glow formulas that glide onto the skin and blend effortlessly with your base makeup. Discover her tips and tricks on how to apply highlighter for a flawless-looking glow!

How to Apply Powder Highlighter

Charlotte’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow has been a favourite with beauty lovers for years, and now, her NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters have everyone asking how to apply highlighter to get a head-turning Hollywood glow!

When applying your powder highlighter, reach for Charlotte’s Powder & Sculpt Brush for a smooth, gliding application. Pick up a small amount on your brush and glide in a ‘C’ motion along the cheekbone and towards the temple – this will help to lift the look of your face and will let you build your product slowly for a megawatt glow that’s perfectly blended.

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For a more precise highlighter application on the nose or brow bone, use Charlotte’s Eye Smudger Brush to perfect your placement. The Eye Smudger Brush has synthetic, domed bristles that allow you to control your application, making it easy to apply gleaming highlights in specific areas without dispersing product across the rest of your face.

Your powder highlighter should be applied after blush and bronzer to add a dreamy glow to your makeup look. For a multi-dimensional glow, try layering your perfect shade of Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter or Filmstar Bronze & Glow on top of one of Charlotte’s liquid or cream highlighters.

Tilbury Tip: If you love a beaming highlight, wet your brush with Charlotte’s Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray before tapping into your powder highlighter for a glow that’s even more blinding!

How to Apply Cream Highlighter

Applying a cream highlighter is an easy way to illuminate the look of your skin, creating a glossy, supermodel sheen with a soft-focus finish in an instant. Charlotte’s Easy Highlighter Wands are a part of her Quick & Easy makeup kits, designed to be swiped on to create a dewy-looking finish on the high points of the face. They’re dreamy cream highlighter wands that are quick and easy to apply for an everyday glow!

When creating her Easy Highlighter Wands, Charlotte knew that time was of the essence! She created her cream highlighters for busy beauties who only have time to swipe and go, formulating a balmy texture that glides onto the skin and easily blends out to create a dewy highlighter look in SECONDS!

Easy Highlighter Wand with swatch

To apply cream highlighter, you can swipe directly onto the skin in areas that you want to glow such as the cheekbones or the bridge of the nose. Alternatively, warm up the product on the back of your hand first, then apply with your fingers or a brush. When blending your cream highlighter, tap your ring finger around the edges of the product until there are no harsh lines to perfect the glossy, glowy cream highlighter look.

Cream highlighter should be applied after your foundation and before your pressed powder. Applying cream products on top of powder can cause products to lift and cake, so it’s best to work with cream products first. To keep your highlighter looking dewy, avoid applying pressed powder on top as this can dull down its gorgeous, glowy finish.

How to Apply Liquid Highlighter

Charlotte’s liquid highlighters are ICONIC! From her universally loved glow booster, Hollywood Flawless Filter, to her SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATIONS, Beauty Light Wands, Charlotte has mastered the art of liquid highlighter, giving everyone, everywhere their ultimate Hollywood glow!

Liquid highlighters are versatile products that are perfect for getting the glowing complexion of your dreams. Whether you use them to prime, perfect or highlight the face, Charlotte’s glow-getting icons are must-haves in every glow lover’s makeup bag!

Jourdan Dunn Hollywood Flawless Filter model shot

To apply Hollywood Flawless Filter as a liquid highlighter, swipe the doefoot applicator onto the areas you want to create a red carpet-worthy Hollywood glow, then blend it out with the Hollywood Complexion Brush. Hollywood Flawless Filter can be used 3 WAYS! Apply all over the face before foundation as an illuminating primer, mix it with one of Charlotte’s complexion-perfecting foundations to give them a gorgeous glow boost, or apply on top of your foundation as a liquid highlighter, focusing on the high points of the face to create flawless-looking highlights.

Jourdan Dunn Beauty Light Wand model shot

Beauty Light Wands in Spotlight, a candlelit champagne-gold for fair to medium skin tones, or Goldgasm, a true yellow-gold for medium to deep skin tones, are perfect liquid highlighter shades. Charlotte’s magic wands are designed with an innovative cushion applicator; twist to unlock your wand, then gently squeeze to release product into the cushion. To apply, swipe along the high points of the face and blend out with Charlotte’s Hollywood Complexion Brush or your finger until there are no harsh edges; just gorgeous glow with a soft-focus effect!

Tilbury Tip: To dial up your liquid highlighter, try applying Charlotte’s Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters on top to turn up your glow!

Darlings, once you’ve discovered Charlotte’s tips and tricks on how to apply highlighter, you can use her game-changing glow secrets to unlock the beaming, beautified complexion of a Hollywood star! Go on darlings, GET YOUR HOLLYWOOD GLOW ON!

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