Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial for Thick or Unruly Brows

Discover Charlotte's eyebrow makeup tutorial for thick or unruly brows for your perfect browformation by giving shape and structure to those fine hairs!

Get ready for your browformation! Charlotte has bottled her beauty secret to supermodel brows and is sharing it with the world! Whether you have thin or sparse, thick or unruly brows, or your brows are lacking shape, Charlotte’s expert eyebrow secrets make creating a flattering, natural-looking, full and fluffy Supermodel Brow EASY!

Unlock the secrets to creating shape and structure for thick and unruly brows with Charlotte’s tips, tricks and application techniques.

How to Get the Supermodel Brow Look for Thick or Unruly Brows

Brush through your thick brows, fill and feather hairlike strokes, and set those unruly hairs in place for a supermodel brow shape; it’s as easy as FILL, FEATHER, FIX!

Create Shape & Structure

4x3 thick browformation

Brows are the pillars of the face, and they can transform the look of your facial structure. If your brows are thick or unruly, the first step is to groom them!

Before you start applying your brow products, use the genius brush end of your Brow Cheat or Brow Lift to comb through and groom your brows. Brushing your brow hairs upwards will help to reveal your brow shape and highlight any sparse areas.

Tilbury Tip: As you fill in your brows, continually brush through to keep checking the shape.

Fill In & Fix In Place

  1. An open, double-ended eyebrow pencil and eyebrow brush in a taupe shade with gold-coloured packaging.

    STEP 1: FILL

    The NEW! Brow Cheat is a micro-precision eyebrow pencil with a thin tip that’s perfect for creating fine, natural-looking stokes that mimic natural brow hairs. Your thick or unruly brows may not need much filling in, which is why the micro precision tip is perfect for adding product just where you need it! Create shape and structure with Brow Cheat, fill in any sparse areas you may have, and shade in your brow to create shape and structure.

    Tilbury Tip: If your brows are already at the fullness you’d lke and you don’t have any sparse areas to fill in, you may want to skip this step or simply use Legendary Brows tinted brow gel to add tint, definition and a feathered, fluffy effect! The micro precision brush coats every hair with your flawlessly-matched shade to define and texturize in seconds!

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  2. Clear brow gel in a gold-coloured tube with its applicator next to it.

    STEP 2: FIX

    Using a long-lasting clear brow gel is essential for thick and unruly brows to set in place all day and night! Charlotte’s NEW! Brow Fix is a long-lasting, 24-hour clear brow gel with a silk thread brow fixing formula for ultimate elasticity and gloss! Never stiff or sticky, brows are full, feathered and fixed in place.

    Brow Fix is enriched with a hair fixative ingredient for exceptional adhesion and staying power, fixing the hair in place, along with a natural polymer that gives clarity and clearness, allowing the formula to spread easily through the hair while gripping onto the hair and providing a thin, invisible coating. The hair is left feeling soft and smooth and fixed in place without any flakiness!

    Brush this clear brow gel through your unruly brows for exceptional adhesion, staying power, and instantly groomed supermodel brows that are full, feathered, and fixed in place!

    Tilbury Tip: Brush up hairs starting from the front of the brow and work outwards for luscious supermodel brows instantly! Brow Fix is magic for full brows; it effortlessly styles brows and never leaves a white cast, looks stuck down or dried out.

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Unlock all of Charlotte’s tips and tricks for your best brows and create your own browformation! You can book a virtual consultation with one of Charlotte’s beauty experts and perfect your supermodel brows at home today!

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