Can you use retinol under your eyes?

Discover all the benefits of under eye retinol and whether you can apply it under your eyes in this helpful guide.

Darlings, using under eye retinol is a great way to brighten the look of your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re wondering, "Can you use retinol under eyes?", the answer is YES!

Read on to find out what retinol does, how it works and the MAGICAL benefits of this high-performance ingredient when you apply it to your under-eye area.

Can you put retinol under your eyes?

If you’re wondering whether you can put retinol under your eyes, the answer is yes! While the skin under your eyes is delicate and requires extra attention, using the correct retinol-infused eye care products under your eyes is a great way to tackle eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles.

Since retinol targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, it’s often recommended for mature skin. However, it’s also amazing for younger skin because it can help to slow down the signs of ageing! You’re never too young to use eye cream, darling!

Night-time is the best time to apply this well-loved skincare ingredient. That’s why it’s formulated in Charlotte’s Magic Eye Rescue and Magic Night Cream, two ESSENTIAL skincare products for your night-time skincare routine.

How to apply under eye retinol

Charlotte’s supercharged Magic Eye Rescue eye cream with retinol SMOOTHS, HYDRATES and BRIGHTENS the look of the delicate skin around your eyes for mesmerising eyes that wow! Discover how to apply retinol under your eyes with Magic Eye Rescue…

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MAGIC STEP 1: Begin your night-time routine by cleansing and toning your skin before applying Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir and Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil. Click here to learn more about the correct order of products to apply for your skincare routine.

MAGIC STEP 2: Use your ring finger to gently apply Magic Eye Rescue to the orbital bone, starting in the inner corners and patting up and out.

MAGIC STEP 3: Gently massage the product around your eyes for a cooling and refreshing effect and a magically moisturised eye area.

MAGIC STEP 4: After applying Magic Eye Rescue, apply a pea-sized amount of Magic Night Cream to your face, neck and under-eye area.

MAGIC STEP 5: Massage the product into your skin for 3-5 minutes, using small circular motions from the centre and working outwards using your fingertips.

Tilbury Tip! Get ahead with your beauty sleep routine by applying and massaging Magic Night Cream into your skin 20 minutes before bedtime. This way, all of Charlotte’s research-powered ingredients (including the retinol!) can properly soak into your skin before sleep.

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