The Best Self-Care Pampering Essentials

2019 is the year of self-care, so discover our guide to the best self-care pampering essentials to help you on your journey.

We have all heard of self-care and how important it is to our mental health. For makeup and skincare lovers all around the world, this is also relevant to our beauty routines. Day to day, we can get into exactly that, a routine. This year we are all about taking time to add a little extra indulgence to our routines in the name of self-care, even if that’s only in a quick, nourishing cleanser format! This edit includes all your best self-care pampering essentials that will give you a little extra luxury to your skincare routine to make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, inside and out!

Pamper Night Skincare Must-Haves


Charlotte’s NEW cleansing duo is all about enhancing your routine to a ritual. This spa-in-a-jar cleansing duo includes a coconut-oil based supercharged Vitamin C citrus oil cleanser and a deeply-purifying bamboo charcoal cleanser. When used together, you can help to enhance the appearance of your skins glow, for a radiant complexion every day. This easy, yet innovative regime acts like a spa day in just two steps, to help draw out impurities and add back in the glowing goodness to your skin.

charcoal cleanser

goddess clay mask


For days when you can add a little extra indulgence to your skincare routine, the Goddess Skin Clay Mask is the original Goddess product for brighter-looking skin. You can forget everything you think you know about clay masks with this formula, enriched with sweet almond and other essential oils in Spanish clay to nourish your complexion. Perfect for those lazy Sunday evenings when you want to set your skin up for the week ahead.


Inspired by the technical innovations of Korean beauty, the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is perfect for glow-boosting your skin in just 15 minutes! If you are going from desk to disco, then simply apply over your face and gently massage in where you need added radiance, and allow the active ingredients to work their magic on your complexion!

sheet mask

magic cream


Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser is everyone’s self-care pampering essential to keep in your makeup bag, to flood your skin with moisture at every opportunity! This coveted formula was 25 years in the making, with Charlotte pouring all of her expert artistry knowledge into this formula designed to hydrate your complexion as the perfect start to every makeup routine.


With an ultra-indulgent formula full of ingredients to help create a firmer-feeling complexion, the Magic Night Cream is the perfect skincare addition that FEELS luxurious without adding hours onto your skincare routine! Apply before bed to feel the benefits of the time-released retinol and red algae marigel so you can wake up to the best-looking skin of your life!

magic night cream


Charlotte created her Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil as the ultimate pamper night essential! Designed to perform a spa-quality facial in the comfort of your home, this silky soft oil offers dreamy hydration and a boost of potent collagen to help skin feel smoother, firmer and more youthful. It's infused with delightful essential oils to create that gorgeous, spa-fresh feeling, and also gives the skin spa-like radiance to leave you and your pamper pals glowing! It's truly a SPA IN A JAR!

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Cryo-Recovery Duo packshot for blog


Cryo-Recovery Facial Duo is a perfect addition to a pamper evening. Inspired by innovative cryotherapy treatments, this cooling duo includes a cooling, caffeine-powered eye serum and a lift-effect cryo mask, helping the skin to appear depuffed and rejuvenated.

To apply, roll the cooling metal tip of Cro-Recovery Eye Serum underneath the eyes, then apply Cryo-Recovery Mask for 10 minutes to help lift, sculpt and brighten!

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