Introducing... 4 Dreamy Eyeshadow Palettes For Eye Colour Magic!

Discover Charlotte's NEW! eyeshadow palettes for Eye Colour Magic! Explore the green, copper, purple and blue eyeshadow palettes to make your eyes sparkle.

From the QUEEN OF MAKEUP MAGIC comes a NEW! collection of eye makeup icons to MAKE YOUR EYES MAGIC! Introducing…


Eye Colour Magic 4:3

This year, Charlotte wants you to LIGHT UP YOUR EYES with her expertly curated eye colour secrets. Whether you want to magnify the magic in brown eyes or CHARGE green eyes with a jolt of blue, Charlotte has united the transformative power of makeup with the psychology and science of colour to reveal a revolutionary collection of eyeshadow palettes, matte & metallic eyeliners and eye makeup sets to MAKE YOUR EYES SPARKLE!


Charlotte’s upbringing amongst the vibrant, magical hues of Ibiza means she has a profound, instinctive attraction to colour—daring to explore their nuanced tones and shifts in light-play and translating that magic for the red carpet and the runway!

Charlotte has decoded the MAGIC of the colour wheel to reveal her secrets to illuminated, brighter-looking eyes, so anyone can maximise their eye colour sparkle! This magical eye wardrobe of colour co-ordinated eyeshadows and eyeliners ENHANCE, add SHAPE, SHADE and DEFINITION for eyes that HYPNOTISE the world!

With her EASY TO USE, EASY TO CHOOSE, EYE COLOUR MAGIC collection, Charlotte wants to empower the world with secret tricks for playing with colour!

Discover the eye-enhancing eyeshadow palettes below…

Make Hazel Eyes Pop with Charlotte’s Gorgeous Green Eyeshadow Palette

Also known as The Rebel, Charlotte’s Luxury Palette in Green Lights is a golden green eyeshadow palette of rich, warm khaki, golden olive and cool gold tones to make hypnotic hazel eyes POP!

Situated in the centre of the colour wheel, green is balanced and universally flattering, making it the perfect shade for a lush-toned modern smokey eye for EVERYONE. The contrasting green shades especially ignite the fiery golds, reds and browns in hazel eyes, and create a magical harmonious gaze on green eyes!

Wear it with Charlotte’s NEW! Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Green Lights for a dreamy, defined green gaze to bring out the sparkle in your eyes in a flash!

Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer with Charlotte’s NEW! Copper Eyeshadow Palette

Charlotte’s BRAND NEW! Luxury Palette in Copper Charge is bronze-copper eyeshadow palette of shimmering champagne gold, metallic rose-copper, matte russet brown and warm gold shimmer hues tones to jolt blue eyes into their brightest looking, most beautiful azure hue EVER!

Copper Charge lights up EVERY eye colour, but it looks especially magical on blue eyes for a dreamy contrast, or brown eyes for a harmonious gaze! Directly opposite from shades of blue on the colour wheel, these earthy tones contrast beautifully with cool blue eyes, enhancing their light-play for a magical, mesmerising look of mystery, elegance and sophistication.

Pair this eye-enhancing eyeshadow palette with Charlotte’s NEW! matching Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Copper Charge to line, define and brighten the look of your eyes, creating a gorgeous metallic gaze!

Make Brown Eyes Sparkle with Charlotte’s NEW! Blue Eyeshadow Palette

Light the flame in brown eyes with Charlotte’s NEW! Luxury Palette in Super Blue! This blue eyeshadow palette features hues of gold, navy and shimmering blues to make your eyes POP against a sea of sapphire seduction!

Super Blue adds a vibrant pop of colour to EVERY beauty who wears it. Those with brown eyes should wear Super Blue to create a glimmering, shine-bright contrast, or blue-eyed bombshells can wear the harmonious hues to magically complement the sapphire in their eyes to light them up and create eye colour magic!

Charlotte’s NEW! matte and metallic Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue is the ULTIMATE eye-defining icon to wear with this blue eyeshadow palette. Wear alone for a sultry, seductive lash-line or with your Super Blue Luxury Palette for a dialled-up, golden sapphire gaze.

Make Green Eyes Look Greener with Charlotte’s NEW! Purple Eyeshadow Palette

Charge green eyes with a jolt of MAGIC with Charlotte’s NEW! purple eyeshadow palette, Luxury Palette in Mesmerising Maroon. This gorgeous palette combines the richest, rarest shades of maroon, purple, violet and champagne pink to create a shimmering look to light up your eyes!

The elegant hues of Mesmerising Maroon look dreamy on EVERY eye colour, but especially gorgeous green eyes! These complementary opposites make olive tones in green eyes look emerald, creating a hypnotic, decadent sparkle. Or compliment the harmonious hues in hazel eyes with this dreamy eyeshadow palette for purple perfection in a flash!

Wear it with Charlotte’s NEW! matching Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Mesmerising Maroon; a matte and metallic eyeliner duo of deep mauve and shimmering purple that defines the lash-lines for even more eye colour magic!

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