Nose Highlighter 101: How To Lift, Sculpt & Contour the Look of your Nose with Highlighter

Discover Charlotte’s tips and tricks on how to apply nose highlighter like a pro.

Darlings, all you need to get a glowing, sculpted, chiselled-looking nose is Charlotte’s Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters and expert NOSE TRICK application secrets! Putting highlighter on your nose can change the look of your face, giving your facial architecture a pinched and sculpted look with a gorgeous glow.

Discover how to apply nose highlighter and why putting highlighter on your nose is a quick trick for everyone, everywhere!

How Nose Highlighter Can Lift the look of your Nose

When looking at someone’s face, the nose is a central detail that captures the eye straight away. With nose highlighter, you can reshape the look of your nose for a softly sculpted look while giving it a gorgeous glow that illuminates and enhances your natural features.

By highlighting the bridge of the nose, you can pull focus inwards and create the illusion of a narrower framework. Highlighting the tip of the nose has a similar effect, diffusing the look of a rounder or larger tip and guiding the eye upwards to make the nose appear smaller and more lifted.

Jourdan Dunn nose highlighter model shot

Tilbury Tip: To give your nose highlighter an even more lifted, sculpted look, try contouring your nose with Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wand before you apply your highlighter.

What is Nose Highlighter

Highlighter is a multi-use product that gives glow lovers around the world the gorgeous glow that they adore. Charlotte has identified the 6 PERFECT PLACEMENTS for your highlighter to give the face a dreamy, dimensional glow, including a fabulous, flattering nose highlighter technique.

Putting highlighter on your nose is a way of tricking the eye and enhancing the look of your facial architecture. By capturing light at the centre of the face, your highlighter can create the illusion of a nose that looks smaller and more sculpted.

Where to Apply Highlighter on the Nose

Charlotte calls nose highlighter the exclamation point of makeup; this nose highlighter trick is a quick and easy makeup hack that can change the look of your nose! The exclamation point shape is designed to pinch the look of your nose along the bridge while creating a lift effect at the tip.

How To Apply Highlighter on the Nose

  1. Charlotte's Eye Smudger Brush is a domed, synthetic brush that's perfect for precise application

    Step 1: Choose a Precision Makeup Brush

    Nose highlighter requires a more precise application than highlighting the cheekbones or jawline. Charlotte recommends using her Eye Smudger Brush, a domed, dense, synthetic brush that gives you more control over your highlighter placement.

  2. Charlotte's Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Gilded Glow, a true yellow-gold pressed highlighter

    Step 2: Highlight the Centre of the Nose

    Take your favourite shade of Charlotte’s Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter and using the Eye Smudger Brush, lightly sweep it along the bridge of the nose. When applying highlighter on your nose, keep it focused on the centre. This is the body of your ‘exclamation point’.

  3. Jourdan Dunn wearing Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter as a nose highlighter

    Step 3: Highlight the Tip of the Nose

    With a less-is-more approach, place a dot of highlighter on the tip of your nose to complete your exclamation point. Be sure to keep your application precise to create the perfect, central spotlight for your face!

    Tilbury Tip: To cheat a shorter, more lifted-looking nose, place the dot of your nose highlighter slightly higher than the tip of your nose. This helps to draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a more lifted, button-shaped nose.

  4. Charlotte's Eye Blender Brush is a fluffy brush that's perfect for getting a seamless blend

    Step 4: Buff and Blend

    Finally, for a seamless, soft-focused finish, use the super-soft bristles of a clean Eye Blender Brush to blend out the edges.

    Tilbury Tip: If you’re looking for a beaming, blinding nose highlighter application, take Charlotte’s Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray and wet your Eye Blender Brush to intensify your highlighter’s glow.

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