How To Moisturise Your Body: Charlotte's Magic Massage

Learn how to moisturise your body using my magic massage technique.

Discover the Body Moisturiser You Need!

Darlings, SKIN CARE is SELF CARE, and your skincare routine goes beyond your face! It’s so important to give our bodies the same love and care that we give to our visages, and that’s why I’ve created NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream!

My AWARD-WINNING Charlotte’s Magic Cream was the inspiration for my NEW! body care innovation. I wanted to bottle the same INSTANT-TURNAROUND EFFECTS in an indulgent body cream that LIFTS, TONES and TIGHTENS the LOOK of skin while being DEEPLY HYDRATING and giving the skin a GORGEOUS GLOW!

I borrowed the magical skincare powerhouses from my Magic 8 Matrix to create a NEW! body-targeted version that’s infused with Algaktiv™ Uplift Technology* and energising Caffeine Complex that are CLINICALLY PROVEN to help SMOOTH, TONE and TIGHTEN the LOOK of skin.

Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream is the key to a HYDRATED, NOURISHED, RADIANT GLOW FROM HEAD TO TOE! Discover how to apply my NEW! body cream for an IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL and GLOWING RESULTS over time!

How to Moisturise Your Body

Darlings, discover how to moisturise your body using my expert application techniques! I created my Magic Massage to teach EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE how to smooth my supercharged body cream into the skin. It's a self-care massage technique that encourages product to absorb swiftly into the skin while helping to stimulate blood flow and providing a sensorial, soothing sensation.

  1. Charlotte's Magic Body Cream suspended in water

    Step 1: Shower and Cleanse Skin

    When applying body cream, you should always apply onto clean, dry skin. Before massaging Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream into the skin, cleanse your body in the shower with warm water and your favourite nourishing shower gel to rinse and revitalise. Be sure to cleanse from the top of your neck to the tips of your toes, using the water pressure to rinse away any leftover suds. Once you’ve showered, you’ll have a freshly cleansed canvas that feels smooth, supple and ready to be moisturised.

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  2. Charlotte's Magic Body Cream tube with a rich texture swatch

    Step 2: Warm Up with your Fingers

    Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream comes in a luxe tube that’s easy to squeeze, effortlessly depositing product ready to moisturise your body. Pat your skin dry using a clean towel, then apply a generous amount of Charlotte's Magic Body Cream onto the palm of your hand. Warm it up between your fingertips to prepare the formula to glide across the body.

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  3. Model moisturising their body with Charlotte's Magic Body Cream

    Step 3: Apply in Circular Motions

    To apply your body cream, cup your hands into a C shape that easily follows the contours of your body. Starting with your stomach and thighs, glide your hands along the skin in sweeping motions, gently massaging Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream into the skin. Use gentle, circular motions that travel upwards and inwards towards the heart to massage my magical body cream into the skin for deep hydration – this massage technique can also help to boost circulation and stimulate blood flow.

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  4. Model applying Charlotte's Magic Body Cream to the shoulders and chest

    Step 4: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    To perform a simple lymphatic drainage massage, apply gentle pressure in regions where lymph nodes are located such as around the neck, under the arms, across the chest and the abdomen. Lightly gliding your fingertips across these areas helps to encourage fluid drainage which can contribute to the removal of natural toxins and prevention of swelling.

  5. Model massaging Charlotte's Magic Body Cream into their elbows

    Step 5: Massage the Joints

    Massaging around the joints is perfect for helping to relieve tension and joint pain. Using gentle pressure, massage body cream into the ankles, kneecaps, elbows and wrists to so that this massage technique can help to soothe joint tension. These areas are also prone to dryness, so applying my rich, deeply hydrating body cream helps to keep them feeling smooth and supple.

  6. Model applying Charlotte's Magic Body Cream to their legs

    Step 6: Firm, Tension-Relieving Strokes

    With cupped hands, brush across the skin using firm strokes that span larger areas like the thighs and upper arms. This will invigorate the skin while helping to release any built-up tension. When using firmer-feeling motions, it’s important never to be rough with your skin, darlings! Focus on keeping hands firmly cupped while using movements that glide rather than press.

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    Step 7: Get a Supermodel Glow

    Once you’ve moisturised your body with Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream, smooth Supermodel Body onto the skin to get an INSTANT SUPERMODEL GLOW! My hydrating body shimmer formula was inspired by the most iconic runway supermodels, capturing the gorgeous, glossy look of their skin as they walk under the lights of the catwalk. To apply, simply roll Supermodel Body down the centre of your arms, legs, shoulders and décolletage, then massage into the skin. Just like that, your body is basked in SUPERMODEL SHEEN!

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