Head-Turning Highlighters Without Glitter

Discover Charlotte’s dreamiest highlighters without glitter and unlock a head-turning highlighter look with a flattering, flawless-looking glow!

Darlings, Charlotte’s wardrobe of beauty lights includes jaw-dropping, head-turning highlighters without glitter to give EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE a gorgeous glow! Discover her dreamiest highlighter formulas and GET YOUR GLOW ON with no glitter necessary!

Why To Use Highlighters Without Glitter

While glittery highlighters are extremely sparkly, they can have a tendency to look chunky on the skin and accentuate skin texture. Charlotte creates her highlighters with glitter alternatives that are perfect for giving skin the BEAUTIFYING GLOW that Charlotte is famous for while blending seamlessly with the rest of your makeup. Keeping a laser focus on developing high-performance formulas that deliver a breath-taking glow with a silky-smooth finish, Charlotte creates highlighters that look FLATTERING and FLAWLESS on EVERYONE!

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Discover Charlotte’s Highlighters Without Glitter for a Smooth, Flawless-Looking Glow

  1. Charlotte's Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Rose Gold Glow, a rose-gold pressed highlighter

    Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters

    Charlotte’s newest glow secrets are her Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters – seven light-inspired shades that deliver a Hollywood glow without glitter! They GLOW and GLIDE to create HOLLYWOOD MAGIC on and off the red carpet, illuminating the high points of the face with dreamy, multi-dimensional glow that looks smooth and seamless.

    The secret to Charlotte’s Glow Glide formula is LIGHT-FLEX TECHNOLOGY that manipulates all different kinds of light to give the skin an ethereal, soft-focus finish, and the glow-boosting and complexion-perfecting powers of GLOW PEARL FILTER to capture the GORGEOUS, HOLLYWOOD GLOW of red-carpet diva lights! Charlotte’s glow innovation goes beyond the need for glitter, providing a lavishly soft formula that GLEAMS, GLOWS and GLIDES onto skin to create magical, smooth-looking, megawatt highlights without emphasising texture!

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  2. Charlotte's Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight is a champagne gold liquid highlighter

    Beauty Light Wands

    Beauty Light Wands are Charlotte’s WORLD-FAMOUS SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATIONS that have bottled the skin-perfecting effects of digital filters and red-carpet beauty lights! These magic wands of makeup are shimmering liquid highlighters that give the face a dreamy, candlelit glow; there’s Spotlight, a light rose-gold highlighter that looks flawless on fair to medium skin, and Goldgasm, a true yellow-gold that stuns on tan and deep complexions.

    Designed to brighten and beautify the skin with no glitter necessary, Beauty Light Wands give the skin a soft-focus glow in just one swipe! The science behind the magic comes down to glitter-free alternatives giving the formula a smooth, skin-like texture; treated pearls give Beauty Light Wands limitless luminosity, and Oleogel creates a glossy, high-shine finish with no visible glitter to provide instant, flattering radiance that’s like BEAUTY LIGHT, BOTTLED!

    Tilbury Tip: If you love Charlotte’s Beauty Light Wands, pair your highlighter with a beautiful blush shade! Choose Pinkgasm, a bright, shimmering pink, Peachgasm, a glowing peach, and Pillow Talk, Charlotte’s ICONIC nude-pink shade in Original or Medium!

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  3. Charlotte's Filmstar Bronze and Glow is the key to getting a sculpted-looking, red carpet-ready look

    Filmstar Bronze & Glow

    To get the soft and sultry look and feel of a FILM STAR, reach for Charlotte’s original compact for red carpet-ready radiance, Filmstar Bronze & Glow! Including a bronzer to sculpt the look of your facial framework and a glitter-free, gold-toned highlighter to get a Hollywood-worthy glow, this iconic palette is perfect for getting a movie star glow with a flawless, smooth-looking finish!

    Charlotte formulated her Filmstar Bronze & Glow in two shades to suit light-to-medium and medium-to-deep complexions, using LIGHT-FLEX TECHNOLOGY to give the highlighter a light-scattering effect that creates a soft-focused effect that the stars won’t step foot on the red carpet without! Elastomer pearls blend and buff into the skin for a silky-smooth finish, giving the highlighter a gorgeous glow that looks seamless on the skin!

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  4. Open makeup kits with mirrored lids with products inside them displayed: a lip and cheek wand, highlighter stick, and eyeshadow stick, and the three products placed outside of the kit.

    Easy Highlighter Wand

    For a highlighter that’s gorgeous, glossy and extra-quick to apply, use Charlotte’s Easy Highlighter Wand as a dewy-looking highlighter without the need for glitter! One third of Charlotte’s Quick & Easy Kit trios, these highlighter wands are designed to be SWIPED, SCRIBBLED and SMUDGED onto the face to effortlessly create glowing highlights. The balm texture is ultra-smooth and easily blendable, delivering the glossy skin look in SECONDS!

    These cream highlighters are infused with light-reflecting pearlescent pigments that give skin a lustrous sheen without glitter, as well as glossy esters that are perfect for giving the face and cheeks a soft, shimmering look. They’re a quick and easy way to DIAL UP THE DEW!

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