Discover the Best Highlighter Shades for your Skin Tone

Discover the perfect highlighter shades for your skin tone in Charlotte’s wardrobe of beauty lights!

Darlings, Charlotte is a lighting genius and a colour-matching expert, so you can always rely on her to create shades that look sensational across a range of skin tones! In her NEW! wardrobe of beauty lights - the NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect HiIghlighters - there are 7 GLOWING SHADES to give everyone, everywhere a gorgeous glow! Discover Charlotte’s best highlighter for your skin tone to unlock your perfect glow match!

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Discover Your Perfect Highlighter Shades

Best Highlighter for Deep Skin

The best highlighter for deep skin is a richly pigmented shade that complements a deeper complexion. Highlighters that are too light or too icy can look grey on deeper skin tones and leave an unflattering cast, so Charlotte suggests opting for gold and bronze shades that pop on deep skin.

Charlotte’s NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Bronze Glow is a perfect highlighter for deep skin. The shade is a golden bronze that’s inspired by the mood lighting of twilight, creating a beautiful, bronze glow that adds warmth to the complexion. Its Glow Glide formula smooths across the high points of the face, harmonising with a deeper shade of foundation to create a magical, megawatt glow.

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Deep skin tones are also perfectly suited to Charlotte’s Gilded Glow and Rose Gold Glow shades. Gilded Glow is a true yellow-gold that’s particularly flattering on deep skin with warm and golden undertones, and Rose Gold Glow is a gleaming rose gold that adds a pink-toned flush to deep skin.

Best Highlighter for Tan Skin

Similarly to deep skin, the highlighters that work best on tanned skin are rich shades that complement the natural warmth of a tan complexion. Working with a highlighter that’s too light will appear dull on tan skin; instead, Charlotte recommends using golden shades that will bring gorgeous, tanned skin to life!

In Charlotte’s star-studded collection of Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters, the perfect highlighters for tan skin are Gilded Glow, Rose Gold Glow and Sunset Glow.

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Applying Gilded Glow, a true yellow-gold that mimics flickering candlelight, will give the skin a gleaming, golden glow that’s flattering and fabulous! If you prefer a pink-toned highlighter that gives tanned skin a rosy flush, reach for Rose Gold Glow, a magical, metallic pink-gold that’s inspired by a morning sunrise. Or, for a gorgeous, golden hour glow, choose Sunset Glow, a copper-gold that captures the dreamy hues of a glowing sunset.

Best Highlighter for Medium Skin

Medium skin tones are an in-between complexion that can swing a little lighter or deeper. Whether you prefer a light, bright highlighter or a more mid-toned highlighter that blends dreamily with your skin tone, Charlotte’s Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters will look beautiful on your medium skin.

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For an effortless, golden highlighter look that beautifully flatters medium skin, reach for yellow or copper-gold shades like Gilded Glow or Sunset Glow. To create an icier, diamond-like shine, choose Champagne Glow, a sparkling champagne inspired by the glamour of Hollywood lights, or Moonlit Glow, an incandescent ivory with the soft glow of moonlight. Whichever look you choose, these highlighter shades will create a superstar Hollywood glow for medium skin!

Best Highlighter for Fair Skin

When choosing a highlighter for fair skin, it’s important to choose a shade that isn’t too dark. Deeper tones will leave a cast on pale skin and won’t have the ethereal, skin-like, lit-from-within effect that you want from your highlighter. For lighter skin tones, Charlotte recommends a lighter shade of highlighter – think soft golds, pastel pinks and warm champagnes that make fair skin GLOW!

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Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters in Champagne Glow and Moonlit Glow are perfect highlighters for fair skin, gliding on to create dreamy, multi-dimensional highlights that blend effortlessly into paler complexions. Champagne Glow is a warm champagne that blurs and beautifies fair skin, and Moonlit Glow is a cool-toned ivory that channels the inspirational glow of moonlight. Both shades look gorgeous on fair skin, creating silky pools of light-catching highlighter that flatter the complexion to achieve your dream glow.

The Pink Highlighter that Suits Everyone!

Darlings, Pillow Talk is EVERYONE’S PERFECT SHADE! Charlotte knew that she needed to create a shade of her NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters that had the beautifying powers of Pillow Talk, and so, Pillow Talk Glow was born!

Pillow Talk Glow is a pearlescent-pink highlighter that suits every skin tone! It gives every complexion a Hollywood glow in Charlotte’s iconic, pretty-in-pink shade that resembles the gorgeous glow of pink quartz crystals. It can enhance any makeup look like a ray of pink light, delivering multi-dimensional glow with Glow Glide texture. Pillow Talk Glow was born to be the BEAUTY GLOW TRICK OF THE STARS!

Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Pillow Talk Glow packshot for blog

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