Enter the Summer of Lovegasm: Charlotte’s Summer Collection

Have more than just a summer romance with the iconic beauty secrets in my Summer of Lovegasm collection including my NEW! Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm Sunset and the return of my Glowgasm Face Palette!

Darlings, this summer isn’t just a summer of love, it’s a summer of LOVEGASM! I’ve created my gorgeous summer collection to make everyone, everywhere fall in love with dreamy eyes, love-glazed lips and sunset-blushed cheeks.

Discover the full collection, including brand new PINKGASM shades of your favourite formulas and the magical return of my beautifying Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm, and find your beauty love match!

Summer of Lovegasm collection


I have always been obsessed with that healthy glow you see on someone when they are just back from a week in the sun, or that fresh-faced radiance from the rush of falling in love – it’s that love-light radiance of joy, happiness and pleasure that shines in their eyes, cheeks and lips!

I wanted to bottle that instant glow into this collection of beauty secrets and share it with the world, so we can always look our most euphoric in just one swipe! Discover a new love for my AWARD-WINNING PINKGASM with dialled-up NEW! SUNSET SHADES to bathe your lips and cheeks in a dreamy rosy glow!

And darlings, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for... my beauty icon is BACK in stock! Just glide on and glow with my Glowgasm Face Palette!


Summer of Lovegasm model shot

Discover the full Summer of Lovegasm collection

  1. Charlotte's new beauty light wand shade inspired by pink skies, Pinkgasm Sunset

    NEW! Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm Sunset

    Darlings, fall in love with Pinkgasm all over again with my NEW! Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm Sunset!

    The world adores the pearlescent pink flush that Pinkgasm gives the cheeks, and now, everyone, everywhere is about to be lovestruck by the NEW deeper kiss of colour that is Pinkgasm Sunset. This sunset-inspired shade is a rich, radiant rose that gives the face a fresh, love-blushed look.

    I wanted to capture the natural glow that you get from being in love; love is nature’s beauty booster, and Pinkgasm Sunset embodies that pinkened look you get from locking eyes with your one true love on a romantic summer getaway.

    You already know and love the Beauty Light Wand formula – it’s an incomparable glow secret infused with illuminating oligomer gel and lindera extract to give the face a Hollywood-inspired glow! With this NEW! shade, you can experience the same glossy glow in a new shade of lustrous, love-blushed pink.

    Pinkgasm Sunset knows how to make you blush, darlings… just DOT, DOT, BLEND and GLOW to give your makeup look the romantic love glow of pretty pink skies.

    Shop Pinkgasm Sunset

  2. Charlotte has brought back her Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm for the ultimate summer glow

    The RETURN of Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm

    Was my Glowgasm Face Palette the one that got away, darlings? I’m so excited to announce that IT’S BACK! This summer - the Summer of Lovegasm - everyone, everywhere can get the Lovegasm look!

    Whether you loved your first fling with my cheek-glazing face palette and are ready for a second summer romance, or you’re falling in love with its glowing shades for the very first time, Glowgasm is BACK to keep your makeup bronzed, blushed and glowing for the summer and beyond!

    You’ve heard of love at first sight, darlings, but have you ever experienced love at first swipe? This quartet of beautifying shades is perfect for all-over face, cheek and eye gilding, from the terracotta bronzer for beach-ready bronzing to the glowing rose blush for youthful-looking, cherub cheeks and two megawatt highlighters in champagne and rose gold.

    Each of the shades in my Glowgasm Face Palette are enriched with smoothing polymers, silky silica and mica to create a soft-focused beauty glow. Together, they unlock the ultimate Lovegasm look that radiates summer love and romance, whatever the season.

    Shop Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm

  3. Charlotte's Jewel Lips lip gloss in Pinkgasm and Pinkgasm Sunset for pink glossy lips


    It wouldn’t be the Summer of Lovegasm without sharing my secrets to luscious, love-glazed lips… Designed to make your lips dazzle like diamonds, my Jewel Lips are the ultimate summer accessory! A slick of this jewel-like gloss will transform the look of your pout, offering hydration and high shine while adorning your lips with a magical veil of jewels.

    Beauty lovers fell for Jewel Lips thanks to its comfortable, long-lasting colour and dazzling diamond shine! The formula glides onto the lips, delivering a conditioning coat of vitamin E and hyaluronic acid-infused gloss that feels smooth and never sticky. It’s the perfect gloss for completing your Lovegasm look, giving the lips the sensational summer glow that you adore.

    My NEW! limited-edition shades of Jewel Lips are inspired by the pretty pink world of Pinkgasm! I created them to give everyone, everywhere glimmering, glossy lips in everyone’s favourite shade of pink! Discover Pinkgasm Jewel Lips, a pearlescent pink that makes your lips gleam and glow, and Pinkgasm Sunset, a shimmering rose that gives your pout magical, sunset-inspired sparkle.

    Shop Jewel Lips

Darlings, it’s going to be an unforgettable summer of LOVE…GASM! I can’t wait for you to begin your love story with my NEW! summer icons and fall in love with my Glowgasm Face Palette all over again! Shop my sensational summer collection and unlock the gorgeous glow of summer love and romance!

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