6 Best Makeup Tips For Brides

Get ready for wedding season with our 6 top makeup tips for brides that will ensure your makeup looks flawless for your wedding day!

When planning your wedding, a lot goes into your wedding makeup besides a makeup trial and just having it done on the day. For makeup that lasts, preparation is key. We've compiled our 6 best makeup tips for brides so you can rest assured your wedding makeup will be perfect!

1. Skincare is not optional

When preparing for your wedding day, it is so important not to forget your skincare routine. You can start this weeks or even months before to ensure that you have gorgeously glowing, clear skin for your big day. We know how busy wedding planning is, so why not throw on a clay mask on a Sunday evening whilst you’re organising your wedding admin? A weekly or twice weekly clay mask will help to reduce imperfections and create the illusion of brighter skin. Then on the day of your wedding, a dry sheet mask is perfect for applying to add hydration before your makeup. You can even wear this whilst getting your hair done!

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2. Keep your eyes bright

Your wedding day lasts from dawn until the early hours, so keeping your eye makeup bright and light will help you look wide awake all day (& night!). Use Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer under your eyes in a slightly lighter shade than your skin tone and blend well to help reflect the light and conceal the look of dark circles. A light, shimmering eyeshadow shade in the inner corners of your eyes will also make your eyes appear wider and brighter.

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3. Add a little colour

When you wear a white dress, it’s important to have a little colour in your makeup so that you don’t appear washed out. We don’t mean neon eyeliner and anything that you wouldn’t normally wear, but it’s essential not to forget your blush and a little lip colour. Blush will keep the colour in your cheeks and give you a lovely rosy glow, whilst a lip colour will add the perfect finishing touches to your makeup look.

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4. Keep it classic

Having said that, it’s also key to remember that your wedding photos will last your lifetime, so whilst a runway trend that would look fantastic now might be tempting, timeless makeup will always look flawless in photos. If you love to add a little colour, then why not try a classic Hollywood red lip, which pairs beautifully with vintage-themed weddings?

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5. Go long-lasting

As we previously mentioned, your wedding day is from dawn until dusk and beyond! So long-lasting makeup is essential, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on touch-ups throughout the day. Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Foundation will give your complexion a healthy-looking glow that will look fantastic in photos! Blend the medium-buildable formula into your skin to create a gorgeous, glowing canvas, then set it into place using Airbrush Flawless Finish pressed powder to help your bridal makeup last!

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6. Stay true to your look

If you don’t normally wear black eyeliner, you don’t need to start for your wedding day! When you look back at your wedding photos, you want to recognise the person staring back at you. We love makeup that enhances our natural beauty, so stay true to how you KNOW you like to wear makeup. If you wouldn’t be seen without your smokey eye, why stop for your wedding day? Love a berry lipstick? Pair with a neutral eye and rock it!

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