10 Makeup Application Tips You Need To Know

We are sharing our top 10 makeup application tips from how to apply winged eyeliner to multi-tasking makeup and more for flawless looking makeup every time.

We love makeup that is easy to apply, so you can have a 5 minute makeup look effortlessly! For simple, easy makeup application that will take your makeup look to the next level, we have compiled our 10 makeup application tips you need to know.

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1. Only apply powder where you need it

Instead of applying a finishing powder all over your face, only apply powder in areas that get oilier, such as your t-zone, under your eyes and around your nose. This will keep your complexion glowing and gorgeous, without excess shine.

2. Mix face primer with foundation for a dewy glow

Get yourself a glow-giving face primer, such as our Wonderglow or Brightening Youth Glow, and mix with your foundation before applying. This will add a dewy finish to your complexion, perfect for summer days when you want a sheer coverage.

3. Apply highlighter to your cupid’s bow to frame your lips

After applying your lipstick, apply a little highlighter to your cupid’s bow using a Blender Brush. This will frame your lips for a kissable pout.

4. Use eyeshadow to complement your eye colour

Enhance your eyes natural sparkle with an eyeshadow that will complement and contrast with your eye colour, for a statement eye makeup look. Purple works beautifully for brown eyes, whilst champagne and black shades bring out blue eyes, and bronze red shades enhance hazel and green eyes.

5. Sharpen your winged eyeliner with a cotton bud dipped in Magic Cream

When we’re in a rush, winged eyeliner is always the first thing to go wrong! Correct any smudges or mistakes by dipping a cotton bud in Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser and use this to sharpen your wing.

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6. Foundation before concealer!

Before you reach for your concealer after your skin care, think again! Apply your foundation first, then you can see where you need extra coverage. This saves you applying too much product and giving you a natural finish.

7. Multi-task your sheet mask!

Make your dry sheet mask work even harder. Apply to your face as usual, then pull the mask over your lips too. You can also pop your sheet mask into your shoes to keep your feet nourished!

8. Use highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes

Brighten your eyes instantly by popping your highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes using a Smudger Brush. This light shade will reflect out to make your eyes appear bigger and wider.

9. Use lipstick as a cream blush

We are all about making our makeup multi-task! Apply dots of lipstick in your chosen colour on your cheeks and blend with your fingers, for a natural cream blush that perfectly pairs with your lip colour.

10. Use a blue-toned lipstick to make your teeth look whiter

Did you know that certain lipsticks make your teeth look whiter? Rock a blue-toned lipstick for a pout that shows off your pearly-whites.

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