Pout-Perfecting Gifts for Lipstick Lovers

From magical matte lipsticks to gorgeous glosses, discover Charlotte’s perfect gifts for lipstick lovers!

Darlings, Charlotte is a lipstick EXPERT! In her lineup of legendary lipsticks, discover comfortable matte finishes, smooth satins and hydrating, high-shine glosses, all in the most magical shades you could wish for! For the holidays, Charlotte has the perfect gifts for lipstick lovers that are easy to choose and easy to gift!

Holiday Collection Lipstick still life

Discover Charlotte’s Lipstick Gift Sets for Lipstick Lovers

  1. Charlotte's KISSING Lipstick in exclusive holiday shade Chic Pink, a medium satin pink

    NEW! K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks

    As a part of her disco-inspired Holiday collection, Charlotte has created 3 LIMITED-EDITION SHADES of her K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick! Her hydrating, satin-finish lipstick formula is adored for its comfortable, moisturising feel, and these new shades are no exception.

    Choose between Rosy Seduction, a mid-toned rose with a hint of red, Chic Pink, a cool-toned blush pink, and Nude Talk, a peachy-brown nude to give the lips a kiss of colour. Each lipstick bullet is adorned with gems, making them the perfect holiday gifts for lipstick lovers, EVERYWHERE!

    These NEW! lipsticks are also available in Charlotte’s Holiday K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lip Kit; choose your shade and an accompanying Lip Cheat lip liner and give the gift of a FLATTERING, FULLER-LOOKING POUT!

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  2. Pillow Talk Beautifying Lip Kit featuring four fabulous lip formulas in Charlotte's suits-everyone nude-pink shade

    Pillow Talk Beautifying Lip Kit

    Charlotte has created her Pillow Talk Beautifying Lip Kit for the holiday season, making it easy to gift EVERYONE’S PERFECT SHADE in four lip-loving formulas. Featuring travel-sized Matte Revolution Lipstick, Lip Cheat and Collagen Lip Bath as well as a full-sized Hyaluronic Happikiss in original, nude-pink Pillow Talk, this wardrobe of beautifying lip icons will enchant any lipstick lover! Whether it’s their first time experiencing the magic of Pillow Talk or they’re a fully fledged Pillow Talker, they’ll love this dreamy lipstick gift set!

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  3. Charlotte Tilbury's Iconic Mini Lip Trio Kit featuring miniature versions of Pillow Talk Original, Supermodel and Walk of No Shame Matte Revolution Lipstick

    Charlotte Tilbury’s Iconic Mini Lip Trio Kit

    Matte Revolution Lipstick is an AWARD-WINNING formula, and the Iconic Mini Lip Trio Kit features three of her most beloved shades for lipstick lovers to try. The trio includes miniature versions of Walk of No Shame, an empowering, mid-toned berry red, Supermodel, a muted, mid-toned rose, and the ICONIC nude-pink shade on everyone’s lips, Pillow Talk Original. With these three show-stopping shades, lipstick lovers can get the modern matte finish they love in colours that are comfortable, long-wearing and gorgeous!

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  4. Charlotte's Matte Revolution Pillow Talk Lipstick Duo in Pillow Talk Original and Pillow Talk Medium

    Pillow Talk Lipstick Duo

    When Charlotte created her original Pillow Talk lip liner, Charlotte knew that people wanted MORE PILLOW TALK! She went on to create Pillow Talk Original, a dreamy nude-pink lipstick, and then dialled it up by creating Pillow Talk Medium, a deeper, more berry-toned pink that looks fabulous on medium skin tones. The Pillow Talk Lipstick Duo includes Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk Original and Pillow Talk Medium, welcoming lipstick lovers into the Pillow Talk family and giving their pout the dreamiest makeover for the holidays!

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  5. Charlotte's ultra-matte Limitless Lucky Lips lipstick duo with lipstick kisses print

    Limitless Lucky Lips Duo

    GIFT LUCK this holiday season with Charlotte’s Limitless Lucky Lips Duo! Featuring two ultra-matte Limitless Lucky Lips lipsticks, this gift set brings good fortune to lipstick lovers looking for a magically matte lip look! The formula is beloved for its rich, high-impact pigment, creating an effortless, long-lasting look that TURNS HEADS!

    With 9 shades to choose from including bright reds like Cherry Dream, rosy pinks like Rose Hope and sultry nudes like Velvet Nude, this lipstick gift set allows you to select two perfect shades for the matte lipstick lover in your life to transform their lip colour with in one swipe!

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  6. Three of Charlotte's lip products to choose as a part of your Build Your Own Lip Kit

    Build Your Own Lip Kit

    Build your own lip kit and create a custom, pout-perfecting gift set for someone special! Choose four lip-enhancing icons in their favourite shades and build the ultimate gift for lipstick lovers!

    First, select a shade of Charlotte’s iconic Lip Cheat lip liner to outline the lips. Next, choose a matte lipstick from Matte Revolution Lipstick and Limitless Lucky Lips to give the lips a punchy pop of colour, followed by a colour-and-moisture formula like K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick or Superstar Lips to perfect and hydrate. Finally, add a lip gloss or oil as a high-shine top coat for the lips with a choice between Collagen Lip Bath, Lip Lustre, Latex Love, Charlotte’s Jewel Lips and Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir.

    Build Your Own Lip Kit