Darlings, what if I told you, you are about to embark on the most ground-breaking, revolutionary, incredible fragrance journey of your life?

Boost your chosen mood with my six NEW! fragrances, powered by Emotion-Boosting Molecules to enhance feelings of love, happiness, seduction, serenity, energy and empowerment* – they are your six invisible superpowers!

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I have always been fascinated by the magical time-travelling ability of fragrance to unlock memories and emotions! Fragrance can help transform the way you feel, it can create a magical aura around you… it has endless invisible powers!

For my new collection, I harnessed the expertise of world-renowned perfumers – some of the best noses in the world – neuroscience, cutting-edge technology, AI and 40 years of research!

I also worked with colour theorists, numerologists, symbologists, as well as studied thousands of years of fragrance history, and used the most extraordinary olfactive symphony of ingredients to create my most innovative collection ever!

Bottling the frequencies of love, happiness, seduction, serenity, energy and empowerment, my 6 fragrances are proven by user trials to boost your chosen mood, allowing you to architect your dream day and night – elevating the art of fragrance through neuroscience and Emotion-Boosting Molecules! They are like portals to emotions and other worlds, so you will feel however you want to feel and be whoever you want to be – empowering you through the magic of scent!

So my darlings, how do you want to feel today?

Story of Fragrance

The perfumers


To create my Fragrance Collection of Emotions, I worked with award-winning, industry-disrupting leaders in fragrance: Anne Flipo, Juliette Karagueuzoglou and Dominique Ropion. These master perfumers decoded and distilled my magic worlds, memories and dreams into each fragrance!

The ingredients


My luxury fragrances are created with the highest quality ingredients for an exceptional scent trail lasting up to 18 hours!*

Each fragrance is a blend of Emotion-Boosting Molecules – notes and accords that have been proven by user trials to make you feel specific emotions – and a combination of magic fragrance notes distilled by the best noses in the world! And darling, the last magic ingredient is you!

The Science


Over the past 40 YEARS, IFF have tested thousands of fragrance notes in an unconscious study into brain emotions – what you cannot control, and a conscious user study into scent emotion – based on how you feel and what you say!

Using technology at the cutting edge of science, they have collected this data with their IFF SCENTCUBE™ algorithm! This innovative technology works its magic to identify the notes and accords used in fragrances that are proven to enhance specific feelings.

I worked with scientist Céline Manetta at IFF, using the IFF SCENTCUBE™ algorithm and collaborating with IFF’s master perfumers to curate a palette of emotions that could be evoked through the power of scent!



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Each fragrance is like a portal, igniting an aura and a new path to your destiny or dream day!

Discover my magic application ritual to help amplify the feeling, like a portal to the world of each emotion…


Spray on your pulse points: ears, wrists, base of the neck, inner elbow and behind knees


Spray a scent aura around you – spray on your hair or hairbrush and clothes!

*Proven by consumer user trials, tested on 102 people over 1 week

IFF SCENTCUBE™ is a trademark of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.