Neutral Eyeshadow Looks

Looking for natural-looking eye look ideas? Read on to discover three beautiful neutral eyeshadow looks and how to create them using my easy-to-use eye makeup.

Darlings, if you’re looking to create a natural, low-key beauty look for daytime, it’s time to embrace the MAGIC of neutral eyeshadow!

Far from boring, neutral eyeshadow is a versatile, timeless look for everyone, adapting easily to any occasion and giving you the perfect base colour if you’re wanting to amp things up when moving from desk to disco!

Ready to discover my favourite neutral eye makeup looks? Read on to explore three MESMERISING neutral eyeshadow looks and how to create them…

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Neutral Eyeshadow Looks To Try

When it comes to creating a neutral eyeshadow look, there are so many ways to do so! But before you start creating your natural eyeshadow look, it’s important to make sure that your face is properly cleansed, hydrated and moisturised for the best beauty results! My guide to the correct order of skincare products for your routine tells you everything you need to know for MAGIC skin that’s primed, protected and prepped for everything that comes next!

Is your complexion cleansed and your base in place? Read on to discover three of my favourite neutral eyeshadow looks and how to create them…

  1. Luxury Palette in The Golden Goddess, a golden-brown eyeshadow quad

    Soft, Neutral Smokey Eyes

    Darlings, there’s nothing more sultry and sexy than a smokey eye! And when it’s done using neutral eyeshadow, the effects are natural and effortless! For this look, pick up my Luxury Palette in The Golden Goddess and follow the steps below…

    MAGIC STEP 1: Apply the Prime shade of the palette to your eyelid using my Eye Blender Brush, popping the colour into the inner corners of your eyes for a flawless, wide-awake look.

    MAGIC STEP 2: Then blend the Enhance shade across your eyelid ceases, applying some to the upper and lower lash line for a dreamy daytime look. Don’t forget to switch to a clean eyeshadow brush before switching to different shades!

    MAGIC STEP 3: Craving more drama? Apply the Smoke shade of the palette into your sockets, blending upwards and outwards as you go. Then, apply some to your upper and lower lash lines to subtly dial up the smokiness and definition..

    MAGIC STEP 4: If you plan to take this look from day to night, apply the Pop shade to the centre of your eyelid using just your ring finger. Follow on with lashings of my Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara in Super Black or berry-brown Dream Pop for a sexy smokey eye with an irresistible finish!

    Tilbury Tip: When it comes to applying neutral eyeshadow, blending correctly is essential! Discover my guide to how to blend eyeshadow to give your application a seamless finish!

    Shop Luxury Palette in The Golden Goddess

  2. Matte Eyes to Mesmerise in Chocolate Veil, a rich, chocolate brown cream eyeshadow

    Easy, Low-Key Neutral Eye Look

    If you’re looking for a neutral eyeshadow look that takes you from AM to PM with minimal fuss and maximum impact, look no further than my easy, low-key neutral eye look. Thanks to the quick-setting MAGIC formula of Matte Eyes to Mesmerise, this look takes seconds to create and with the right application, it lasts all day!

    MAGIC STEP 1: After priming your eyes, pick up my Matte Eyes to Mesmerise in the shade of your choice. This cream-matte eyeshadow is available in five different neutral shades to complement any complexion! For a low-key neutral look, select the shade closest to your skin tone.

    MAGIC STEP 2: Next, swipe the product onto your eyelids using just your fingers for an easy and effortless eye look. Before you apply, make sure you warm up the formula with your fingertips for easier application and blending! Once you’ve applied, use a clean fingertip or my Eye Blender Brush to create a diffused, seamless finish.

    MAGIC STEP 3: Once you’ve applied your Matte Eyes to Mesmerise, complement your look with lashings of my Full Fat Lashes 5-in-1 mascara for a high-impact natural eye look with added volume and definition!

    Tilbury Tip: Don’t forget to apply your makeup in the correct order for the best beauty results! My guide to the correct order to apply your makeup tells you everything you need to know.

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  3. Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pot in glistening Rose Gold

    Glam Neutral Eyeshadow

    Looking for a neutral eye look that will create an irresistible statement at night? Darlings, you’re going to love my glam, shimmering neutral eye look! This one is also easy to create, using my Eyes to Mesmerise shimmering cream eyeshadow to create effortless neutral glam.

    MAGIC STEP 1: Pick up my Eyes to Mesmerise eyeshadow in Exagger-Eyes, a shimmering nude cream eyeshadow that creates brighter-looking eyes that last!

    MAGIC STEP 2: Using your finger, apply your Eyes to Mesmerise onto your lids, working it backwards and forwards in a windscreen-wiper motion for a MAGICAL wash of colour. For a more intense evening look, apply the eyeshadow using my Eye Blender Brush instead.

    MAGIC STEP 3: Looking for a little more drama with this neutral eyeshadow look? Take my Eye Smudger Brush and run the eyeshadow underneath your lower lash line. Then, follow on with lashings of Legendary Lashes Volume 2 mascara for a wide-eyed Hollywood flutter!

    Tilbury Tip: Don’t forget to lock in your look! My Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray is an oil-free and hydrating setting spray that sets your makeup in place for up to 16 hours, giving your neutral eyeshadow look some serious staying power!

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