How To Stop Eyeshadow Creasing

Are you prone to eyeshadow creasing? Discover my top tips and tricks on how to prevent creasing on the eyes.

Darlings, we all want a smooth swipe of colour when it comes to eyeshadow. But sometimes, your eyelids can produce excess oil, which can sweep through your eyeshadow and cause eyeshadow creasing.

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this creasing eye makeup from happening and my MAGIC guide is here to help! Read on to discover my top tips and tricks on how to prevent eyeshadow creasing to give your eye makeup some serious staying power…

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How To Prevent Eyeshadow from Creasing

As with any beauty look, your eyeshadow requires some serious prep work to prevent any creasing and make it stay in place!

But first things first. Before you start applying your makeup, always make sure that your skin is CLEAN, HYDRATED and MOISTURISED by following my guide to the correct order of skincare products for your routine. This way, your skin will be NOURISHED, PRIMED and PROTECTED for a MAGICAL day ahead and all the beauty products that come next!

Once you’ve applied my ICONIC skincare products, it’s time to discover my MAGIC tips for making your eyeshadow stay in place…

  1. Charlotte's Eye Blender Brush is a fluffy brush that's perfect for getting a seamless blend

    Magic Tip 1: Use Clean Brushes

    Before applying any skincare or makeup products to your eyelids and face, always make sure that your eyelids, hands and makeup brushes are clean! This way, your skin is less likely to come into contact with any unwanted dirt, bacteria and excess oils, which can increase the likelihood of eyeshadow creasing.

    If you’ll be using your fingertips to swipe on your product, always wash your hands with soap before beginning your skincare and makeup application. And if you plan to use makeup brushes during your research-powered beauty ritual, always make sure that your brushes are clean and stored correctly before using them.

    Discover how to clean your brushes

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  2. Matte Eyes to Mesmerise in Chocolate Veil, a rich, chocolate brown cream eyeshadow

    Magic Tip 2: Prime Your Lids

    Darlings, it’s important that your eyelids are fully primed and prepped before applying your eyeshadow! My Matte Eyes to Mesmerise eyeshadows are perfect primers for your eyes, creating a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow look.

    For smooth and soft eyelids and eyeshadow that stays, apply cream eyeshadow as a silky base layer with a soft-focus finish. My cream eyeshadows are perfect for mattifying the lids and come in a range of 5 neutral shades that are perfect for building up enchanting eyeshadow looks on top of.

    Tilbury Tip: Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer also works as an eyelid primer, concealing any dark spots and blemishes and giving your eyelids a smooth and even looking base to layer on your eyeshadow.

    Shop Matte Eyes to Mesmerise

  3. Full Fat Lashes is a glossy black mascara for adding volume to the lashes

    Magic Tip 3: Apply Makeup in the Correct Order

    Just like your skincare products, your makeup should always be applied in the correct order to reap all the benefits! My guide to the correct order to apply your makeup tells you everything you need to know about which products to apply before and after your eyeshadow for a MAGICAL MAKEUP look.

    Tilbury Tip: Eyeshadow should never be applied to a wet base. Always make sure that your moisturiser, eye cream and primer have dried down completely before beginning your beauty look.

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  4. Airbrush Brightening Flawless Finish brightening pressed powder in translucent shade for fair and medium skin tones

    Magic Tip 4: Set Your Lids with Powder

    When it comes to eyeshadow creasing, excess oil is often the main culprit! If your skin is particularly oily, you may want to do some extra prep work by applying my Airbrush Flawless Finish or Airbrush Brightening Flawless Finish using my Powder & Sculpt Brush to your eyelids after your primer.

    Not only will this MAGIC complexion-perfecting powder absorb any excess oils, but it’ll also help with seamless application and blending!

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  5. Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pot in glistening Rose Gold

    Magic Tip 5: Choose the Right Formula for You

    Once you’ve primed your eyelids and applied some powder to soak up any excess oil, it’s time to create your eyeshadow look! For an easy swipe of colour, my award-winning Eyes to Mesmerise and Matte Eyes to Mesmerise are long-lasting cream eyeshadows that form part of my One-Minute No-Mirror Makeup collection. Their MAGIC formulas set in seconds, leaving you with a quick and easy eye look that stays in place all day.

    If your eyelids are really prone to eyeshadow creasing, then you might prefer to use a powder eyeshadow instead, as they can be less prone to creasing than creamy formulas. Available in a variety of colourways, my Luxury Palettes are easy-to-choose, easy-to-use 4-shade eyeshadow palettes that each follow a simple 4-step system to PRIME, ENHANCE, SMOKE and POP your eyes to create a MAGICAL eye look on any occasion.

    Tilbury Tip: Before you apply your eyeshadow, spray your eyeshadow brush with Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray to INTENSIFY the colour pay-off of your favourite eyeshadow.

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  6. Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk Dreams with four dreamy, rosy-brown shades

    Magic Tip 6: Layer Your Eyeshadow

    Using too much product on your eyelids can increase the chances of eyeshadow creasing. To avoid this common makeup mistake, always make sure to apply your eyeshadow in light layers to help prevent any product movement.

    Build up your colour gradually, tapping off any excess shadow from your brush before it touches your lids to avoid eyeshadow overload. This will help to prevent both eyeshadow creasing and fallout as you go about your day.

    Tilbury Tip: For tips and tricks on perfect eye makeup application, don’t forget to check out my eye makeup tutorials featuring step-by-step guides on everything from creating sultry smokey eyes to perfecting your winged eyeliner look!

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  7. Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray is Charlotte's weightless, makeup-fixing mist that lets you party all night and stay all day

    Magic Tip 7: Lock into Place with Setting Spray

    Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow, always LOCK IN your look with some setting spray. My Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray is an oil-free, lightweight and hydrating setting spray that will set your eyeshadow (and the rest of your makeup) in place for up to 16 hours with no melting, fading or creasing in sight!

    Tilbury Tip: Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray can also be used to give your makeup a MAGICAL refresh throughout the day. Simply spray it from 6-8 inches for a fresh and weightless veil of hydration whenever you need it!

    Shop Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

  8. Airbrush Flawless Finish pressed powder in shade 3 for tan complexions

    Magic Tip 8: Touch Up On the Go

    It can be difficult for your eyeshadow to stay in place when you’re out and about – particularly if you’re walking about in extreme weather conditions. To help keep your eyeshadow in tip-top shape, keep a compact to hand and touch up your makeup on the go! This is particularly important if you’re going from day to night or when you’re craving an eye makeup refresh in the middle of the afternoon.

    Shop powder and setting spray

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