How To Do A Gold Smokey Eye Look Using The Icon Palette

Discover how to do a gold smokey eye look using ICON Eye Palette and Latex Love in Berry Nude. This is gold smokey eye look you will LOVE wearing.

For an evening to remember, lead your date astray with the romantic russet tones in Charlotte’s new Icon Eyeshadow Palette and Latex Love lipgloss in Berry Nude.

Elevate your eyes and discover how to do a gold smokey eye look that will mesmerise your date and everyone else in the room – this is an eye look you will LOVE wearing and it’s perfect for any occasion when you want to be remembered…

The molten gold, bronze and copper shades in this colourful eyeshadow palette create the dreamiest, hypnotic makeup look and complement all skin tones. Rich in pigments, the velvety-smooth, super-soft texture of these eyeshadows gives your eyes a gorgeous golden glow that catches the light beautifully.

You can dial the shades up or down to alter their intensity for any occasion. You can also apply them with a wet brush for a super-smooth, silken finish. Don’t forgot to complete the look by enhancing your lips with the seductive, super-glossy, rose-pink finish of the Latex Love lipgloss in Berry Nude.

Follow in the footsteps of some of Charlotte’s favourite icons and dial up your sexy smokey eyes for a hypnotic gaze and a naughty night that will never be forgotten.

How to rock a gold smokey eye

  1. Icon Eyeshadow Palette

    Step 1:

    Prime with the gorgeous golden hue in the Icon Eyeshadow Palette, enhance with the brilliant, colour-rich bronze and smoke with the cool copper shade. They blend into one another seamlessly – the textures can be layered SO easily as they glide across the eyelid!


    Step 2:

    Dial it up by mixing your metals! First you prime the eye, then you smoke and then you POP! These shades are so easy to build, and the velvety soft formula will stay in place all day.


    Step 3:

    Start with the bronze shade, follow with gold – and remember to blend, blend, blend! Then, using your ring finger, press the copper shade into the centre of the lid for a pop of mesmerising colour.


    Step 4:

    Outline your lips using Lip Cheat lip liner in Hot Gossip, then apply Latex Love lipgloss in Berry Nude for a super glossy, fuller-looking pout.

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