How to Contour Your Nose

Discover how to contour the appearance of your nose to enhance the look of the structure of your face with ICONIC Hollywood Contour & Beauty Light Wands!

Contouring is a magical makeup technique to enhance the look of the natural structure of your face, whether you want to add the appearance of definition to your jawline or make your cheekbones look more prominent. One of the most popular ways to use the contouring trick is to alter the appearance of your nose — the fastest way to a defined, red carpet-ready complexion in a matter of minutes!

Follow Charlotte’s step-by-step guide for the perfect nose contour.

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4x3 fair contour placement

Before You Contour, Create A Flawless-looking Base

Before you create the illusion of your ideal nose, ensure your contouring makeup MAGIC stands out against a flawless-looking complexion! After cleansing and moisturising with Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual and Charlotte’s Magic Cream, apply Airbrush Flawless Foundation, Charlotte’s light-as-air, full-coverage foundation with smoothing, imperfection-blurring, AIRbrush effects. Infused with skincare ingredients to perfect the look of your complexion for flawless, poreless looking skin, this revolutionary foundation was the result of Charlotte’s in-depth colour study mixing the perfect blend of pigments to create 44 flawlessly-matched shades for EVERYONE!

To use, apply Airbrush Flawless Foundation using the Hollywood Complexion Brush, buffing it in from the centre for a flawless-looking complexion. Then using the Powder & Sculpt brush, apply Airbrush Flawless Finish powder to the T-zone.

4x3 - flawless poreless skin secrets

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Must-Have Makeup Magic to Contour Your Nose

With your beautiful, flawless poreless looking canvas, you can now begin your sculpting and defining your complexion by contouring your nose!

Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wand is the perfect lightweight, blendable, buildable formula to create a well-contoured nose, as its easy cushion applicator dispenses product evenly and blends beautifully. Ideal for a buildable, natural-looking contour, this magical wand features treated pigments with good adherence and color uniformity to create the appearance of shades shadows and define the look of your features for a natural-looking finish.

4x3 hollywood contour duo

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How to Contour Your Nose

Generally, to contour your nose, you can apply the Hollywood Contour Wand in vertical stripes on the sides of your nose and loop underneath. Use this contour stick with the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand for the ultimate deepening and highlighting effect.

You can also adjust your strategy depending on your nose shape and how you want to contour it:

  1. An open liquid highlighter wand in a dreamy rose-gold shade with a brownish-copper-coloured tube with a soft, sponge-tip applicator at the end and its lid next to it.

    How to Contour A Long Nose

    It’s possible to shorten the appearance of your nose if you add the darker, bronzing contour colour of Hollywood Contour Wand at the end of your nose. This creates the illusion of a shorter nose. After, dab Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight down the middle and at the tip!

  2. An open, liquid contour wand in a deep bronze-coloured, reflective packaging with a soft, sponge-tip applicator at the end and its lid next to it.

    How to Contour A Nose Bump

    If you want to minimise the prominence of a bump on your nose, add Hollywood Contour Wand on the bump itself to add a the appearance of a shadow, which can visually flatten the look of it. Then, add a natural-looking, soft-focus luminosity to the tip of your nose with Hollywood Beauty Light Wand to draw attention toward it—and farther away from the bump itself.

  3. Swatch of a liquid contour wand in a shimmery, sandy brown colour.

    How to Contour Your Nose to Look Smaller

    Swipe on a line on both sides of your nose with Hollywood Contour Wand and keep this rule in mind: the closer the lines, the smaller the nose!

Blend, Blend, Blend!

After you paint in your contour lines and highlights, the key to keeping your contour makeup look subtle is to blend, blend, blend! Use Charlotte’s magical Hollywood Complexion Brush, a fabulous 2-in-1 multi-purpose makeup contour brush with advanced synthetic fibers, perfect for effortlessly blending your contour and creating a flawless-looking complexion! The large flat-top head will allow you to achieve a flawless-looking base quickly and effortlessly, perfect for contour blending and softening the look of harsh lines. The angled small head is perfect for precise contouring around the nose.

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Now that you have discovered how to contour your nose, learn more about the basics of contouring for your full face like a pro!

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