Eyes to Mesmerise Amber Gold | Eye Makeup Tutorial

Introducing Charlotte's NEW cream eyeshadow pots. Discover how to apply Amber Gold, a rich, burnished, amber-gold tone with the magical makeup tutorial.

Charlotte's Eyebrow Tutorial: Application Tips

  1. An open pot of cream eyeshadow in a rich, burnished, amber-gold shade with the lid next to it.

    Step 1: Eyes to Mesmerise in Amber Gold

    Apply Eyes to Mesmerise in Amber Gold using your fingers for a soft, smooth and natural day look. Apply it to the eyelid working it backwards and forwards like a windscreen wiper to create a gorgeous wash. If you have difficulty getting it into the inner corner of the eye with your finger, take your Smudger Brush and run along the lashline & work into the inner corner. Using my Smudger Brush, run the product underneath the lower lashline. Blend it in with your finger for a dreamy, hazy finish. For a more intense, smokey evening look apply the product with my Blender Brush. Go from chiffon to a liquid lame finish by lightly dampening the brush.

  2. An open eyeliner pencil in a shimmery brown shade with its cap next to it and an open mascara in dark crimson packaging with its applicator next to it.

    Step 2: The Classic in Shimmering Brown & Full Fat Lashes mascara

    To complete your bedazzling, mesmerising eye look apply The Classic: Shimmering Brown along the lash line to define the eyes. Finish with Full Fat Lashes for a full and fabulous flutter.

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