A collection of skincare that includes a textured-cloth face mask, an open, luminous ivory-coloured serum in a glass bottle, lip oil tubes, eye, day, and night creams in glass jars with gold-coloured lids, and primer in a white tube with a white-coloured lid.

Hyaluronic Acid

Shop Charlotte’s collection of hyaluronic acid-infused makeup and skincare! This hydrating ingredient can be found in some of Charlotte’s most magical beauty products, including skincare icons like her award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser and research-powered Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir. You can also add a boost of hydration to your beauty routine by shopping Charlotte’s hyaluronic acid-infused makeup secrets, from Hyaluronic Happikiss, Charlotte’s lipstick gloss balms for a juicy, dewy kiss of hydrating colour, to the smoothing, pore-blurring effect Airbrush Bronzer, a magic matte bronzer that’s enriched with this miracle ingredient! Discover the benefits of hyaluronic acid on Charlotte's Beauty Secrets!