How to Apply Magic Night Cream : Skincare Routine feat. Lydia

Watch as Charlotte Tilbury demonstrates how to use magic night cream on Lydia. Charlotte’s new revolutionary night cream plumps, smooths and retexturises for a more youthful, firmer complexion.

Charlotte has combined all of her skincare know-how with the anti-ageing expertise of the world’s leading laboratories to create this new revolutionary beauty sleep cream-elixir. Magic night cream has a naturally-derived water-in-oil texture. As you sleep, the night cream feeds your skin hour by hour.


Products I Used

Magic Night Cream

Application Tips

For age-defying, plumped-up dewy skin, apply a generous layer of magic night cream to your face and neck in small circular motions. Work from the centre of the face and massage upwards and outwards using your fingertips.