Introducing Charlotte’s Supermodel Lipsticks

“I started out in the ’90s and I have SO many amazing memories of being towered over by these Goddess supermodels, looking fabulous and incredible. They understood the power of neutral colours that would enhance their natural beauty and play-up their features – they became SUPER GORGEOUS versions of themselves!” – Charlotte Tilbury

Supermodels have always known how to maximize their beauty with neutral colours – now, Charlotte Tilbury has bottled iconic Supermodel DNA to give everyone, everywhere, the ultimate ‘your lips but better’ NUDE lips.

The ’90s were when the nudes were born. It was all about TONE-ON-TONE…a SUMPTUOUS, PILLOWY nude lipstick paired with a darker, browner lip liner – it was the Super’s trademark look. Claudia, Cindy, Naomi and Kate were trail-blazers for this trend!

3 SUPER GORGEOUS shades in Charlotte’s award-winning, best-selling Matte Revolution formula – –
it’s a supermodel in a tube!

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This deep, tawny-brown NUDE shade enhances your natural lip color for an instantly more luscious pout.

Wear this with the Lip Cheat lip liner in Love Trap

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Nineties Supermodel Lipsticks Nineties Supermodel Lipsticks


The super-beautiful matte NUDE-rose shade for a statement supermodel lip.

Wear this with the Lip Cheat lip liner in Supersize Me

Shop Matte Revolution in Super Model

Matte Revolution lipstick in Super ModelMatte Revolution lipstick in Super Model


A look-enhancing, creamy, long-wear lipstick in a NUDE-rouge shade.

Wear this with the Lip Cheat lip liner in Hot Gossip

Shop Matte Revolution in Super Sexy

Matte Revolution in Super Sexy Matte Revolution lipstick in Super Sexy

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